Kingdom Hall being sold to church

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  • tinman72

    Ok, maybe not a real scandal, but this really bugs the hell out of me! In short, the Kingdom Hall I went to as child and teen, is being sold to a church. My mother (still active) informed me of this. When I told her it was entirely hypocritical, and in my opinion a blatant showing of apostacy. She gave me some canned "it's a decision up to society" crap. I asked her if I sold a building to this church to move into, would she have a problem with that? She had no answer. Obviously "the society", doesn't care that this church is part of "the world", that I was staunchly told to steer clear of as a kid. It's clear that they're just interested in selling it to whomever is interested. On top of this, people are going to assume that the dubs, have all converted to this other faith! None of this fazed my loveable (but brainwashed), mother. Does anyone else feel this is just a bit two-faced?

  • Vivamus

    That church better put on exorcist to work in the Hall before they use it....

    Weird story actually.

  • Mystery

    Completely Hypocritical.

    My dad would not even bid on a church to make a living. (He was an electrician) But a KH can be sold to a church.

  • Undecided

    The first KH that we had in this area was sold to a religious group and is still used by some religion 40 years later. The current one in town is for sale, I wonder if some religion will buy it. Most old KHs in this area are now insurance offices.

    Ken P.

  • Gopher

    If a congregation outgrows its old hall (or for some other reason decides to abandon it), they will sell it to whomever is interested, even if they have to do a deal with an element of "Babylon the Grape".

    It's all about corporate business.

    If some passerby knew that this structure WAS a Kingdom Hall before, the lack of a "Kingdom Hall" sign out front should be a clue that things have changed. We have one hall here in Minnesota that got sold to an insurance agency. Next door in the state of Wisconsin, another hall got sold to a church (it might have even been the Mormons!!).

  • proandcon

    About 2 years ago, the local KH was sold to an outsider who uses it as a dance studio. The local dubs were unable to find a place to move to, so they rented the space back fro the buyer. Now they pay rent on the hall they once owned ! Go figure. Anyway, the dance studio is quite active. Carpets were replaced with wooden floors. Old drapes were removed. Mirrors were placed on the walls. Large pictures of people dancing (ballroom and ballet) were put up. At holiday times, all the decorations are put up also. The dubs meet there still. They put sheets over the decorations. Still attempting to move. Unbelievable story with far more twists and turns. Many left for other congregations because they don't feel Jah is with the congregation in this setting! With far fewer publishers, they can't afford to move now.

  • shamus

    In a place I used to live... (don't want to say where), they did the sam ething - sold it to another religious group, and they used it for their church. Nobody blinked, and I still don't see anything wrong with it... it's only a building. What else is going to go in there?

  • obiwan

    When I lived in Indianapolis as a kid the org bought an old church downtown and used it for a place for circuit assembly's, I wish i knew how they explained that one.

  • Yizuman
    When I lived in Indianapolis as a kid the org bought an old church downtown and used it for a place for circuit assembly's, I wish i knew how they explained that one.

    It was??? I ride past there every week on the church bus coming back from church and I didn't know much about the building's history. I also have been inside it once back in the late 1980s. I used to picket there with a friend of mine and we saw how tight security is there on the KH grounds, guys almost looking like secret service agents (minus the sunglasses) with walkie talkies with a earplug in their ears. When I went to take a break in the car (it was a cold day) and when they saw only just my friend, they freaked out wondering where I was and I was at the parking lot down the street. Yizuman

  • obiwan

    I think that's the new one you see. The one I went to was in the early 80's and then sold again. I'm pretty sure the one you see is the new one.

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