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  • stuckinarut2

    These campaigns are like the "game" we play while on a long drive to keep the kids busy, entertained and prevent restlessness: "lets see who can be the quietest and who can count the most white cars while we drive!"

    It just keeps them occupied.....

  • stuckinarut2

    And as mentioned by others, Witnesses actually DO NOT WANT everyone who gets a tract to attend! It would be chaos, as the crowds would not fit!

    AND, if "Jehovah's spirit " draws people, why do they need sister smith to hand out a flimsy leaflet?

  • Prefect

    If someone does go after being given a invitation. What will happen at the entrance.


  • Sanchy

    They always came to me to print the address labels for the invitations. Deep inside I'd always think: "Now I have to buy expensive ink cartridges to print these things that no one will actually follow up on"

  • Moster

    "A huge part of western Canada is scheduled to attend Edmonton Alberta this July. So how does that go over giving out invitations in Winnipeg, about a 13 hour drive(that's just driving time)."

    OH great! Guess I will schedule my summer vacation July 21st so I am not inundated with all the JW's coming from near and far. At least Roger's Place will get a good cleaning after the Bob Dylan concert 2 days before!

  • stuckinarut2

    So Canada doesn't have local conventions closer?

    Wow...that's just stupid....

  • stuckinarut2

    For the last couple of years in Australia, they have stopped hiring out large venues (20,000 seat capacity) .

    Instead, they use the local assembly halls in each capital city and run the program for weeks and weeks in a row....

    Saves money perhaps?

  • LV101

    They must make an even bigger boatload of money using their own assembly halls.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @LV101 Yet, there's always an astronomical "deficit" read out during the announcements.

  • dozy

    I understand the concept of giving out Memorial invitations - the one "special" meeting of the year , local at the KH , useful maybe for route calls , ex studies etc. But I have never understood at all the idea of giving out convention invitations - even when I was still in , I thought it was a totally ludicrous idea. My congregation is over 3 hours away - indeed , we had even stopped putting a notice in the local newspaper announcing that JWs were attending a convention as a few of the witnesses had their houses burgled one year when away for the convention.

    I worked in parking and we were told by the Society to allocate approx 50 parking places at the stadium ( which was really limited as it was - most of the parking was a good 20+ minutes walk away. ) Only about 10 cars showed up , and most of them were a bit dubious. One had 4 brothers with suits in who waved an invitation to us and claimed half jokingly they were "interested persons" - I just waved them through with a smile for their chutzpah! We were turning away JWs who were disabled , elderly etc who hadn't been allocated a stadium ticket by their elders ( which tended to be reserved for higher ups in the congregation ).

    The convention content is very much aimed at "preaching to the converted" rather than encouraging new ones ( such as the Lot's wife video series , which would appall any non-JW. ) The very theme of the assembly (Don't Give Up ) makes that pretty clear.

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