Haha! New employee has one neighbor who's a "jerk." No surprise here

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  • stillin

    The neighbor blows his leaves over onto my employee's yard, then denies it. The neighbor's wife calls the police about anything and everything.

    of course they're witnesses.

  • cognac
    You'd think they'd be good neighbors so they can preach to them....
  • Vidiot

    Par for the course for a religion that fosters elitism.

    Expect more of this from hard-core loyalists in the years to come.

  • punkofnice

    It's a good excuse to use them as an unwitness!

    It'd be nice to tell them that they're very unchristian too and any religion they belong to must be awful.

  • blondie
    Your employee should film the jw blowing the leaves onto his property and show the police...why not blow them back over?
  • stillin
    Actually, my wife qualifies for a "neighbor from hell" award. Where ARE those fruitages of Holy Spirit?!
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Ha good topic ! Funny I was friends with a JW couple once and everywhere they lived, I mean every single place they ever owned the time I knew them they had issues with their neighbors due to not respecting other peoples boundaries. Plain entitled.
  • Dunedain

    It makes sense, i mean most of the hardcore JW's i knew, were the biggest assholes EVER, so its only logical that they would make the worst neighbors too.

    The problem with your average hard lined JW, is that they truly believe they are better than everyone else, and especially "worldly" people. They look at ALL non-JW's, as not even being "worthy" of common courtesies, or respect.

    They have already pre-judged all worldly people, including their neighbors, as being bird food at armageddon, so why would they even care about their neighbors lawns, parking spots, children, or any common courtesy.

    At work, JW's are usually the same way, too. They have no respect for fellow employees, and walk around with an "air" of superiority. Most of the times, they even will look down on their own employers, too, and just think of their work as a neccesarry evil, in this system. They will not give an extra minute, or bead of sweat, than they have to, and usually many JW's cant keep jobs too long. They will either become pioneers, work for other "brothers", or try to start some BS business.

    The shame of all of this, is that the worst "witness" to the organisation, are the MEMBERS themselves. Most hard lined JW's do not even realize how their actions come across, and how ridiculously horrible the look to other people. They learn nothing about being a TRUE Christian, and applying the fruits of the spirit, to EVERYONE.

    NOPE, instead, most JW's are weirdos, social misfits, who have NO business thinking they are better than anyone. They are one of the most uneducated, religious groups in America, yet they act like they are at the top of the food chain, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are indoctrinated, and living in a delusional world, that is full of unloving, weirdos.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I used to work with a senior citizen who only worked a couple of days a month for something to do. At a former job of mine.

    Anyway, this man who is retired, used to run a couple of Hotels of a Hotel chain. He employed a JW man on one occasion and a JW couple on different occasion. He had to fire the JW man one time because he was seen steeling money out of the register on several occasions!!!

    A few months later, he knew of a JW couple who were in caretaking. Over weeks, months bedding, towels even customer's electronics went disappearing. An investigation was conducted, then a follow-up. It was found out that the rooms where items went missing were the one's taken care of by the JW couple. Fired also!!!!

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    If he wants to affect them, he could just see them dressed up going to meeting and ask them directly......you guys are jehovahs witnesses? that is shocking. i thought they were a kind peaceful people.....or some nonsense like that.

    the shame function will click in.

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