Haha! New employee has one neighbor who's a "jerk." No surprise here

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  • NeverKnew

    Oh the things I can add to this discussion... Smh

    Was at a Christmas party with other non-JWs (I am a non and never have been), and a person brought up her experience with a JW who pushed her services on her. During the completion of a multi-month job, the JW's car broke down. Feeling badly for her my friend lent the JW a car believing it was the Christian (non Witness style) thing to do.

    Three months later, the JW STILL had her car AND was asking for additional money to complete the services. Not one dime was offered for the use of the car. My friend was in disbelief. Did I mention my friend is single with kids and the JW is married?

    I was blown away from a different perspective. When I visited the KH, this JW was the one who made the nastiest comments about non-JWs. UGHHHH if I see her again, it will be very difficult not to say anything.

    Anyhow, these discussions invariably turn to others experiences... Like my cousin who would do twice as much work at a local pharmacy because her JW coworker "had" to finish her "studies"... "or whatever she was doing." When my cousin got fed up and called her on it, the JW said my cousin was attacking her faith. "I was justifiably attacking her job performance but she figured out how to twist that? She was fired a week later and replaced with a real worker and I was never so happy!" my cousin had said.

    I remember a witness telling me that employers prefer to hire witnesses because they are more honest than non-JWs. The sad part?... she was COMPLETELY oblivious to the insult that she had hurled.

    The stories go on and on...

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    The neighbor can put and end to those calls to the police. Go and molest one of the JW's. Then Jehovah will take care of the matter.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The neighbor blows his leaves over onto my employee's yard, then denies it.

    JW's are accustomed to putting leaflets on peoples doors without asking so......

  • nicolaou
    Idiots in every community but hardly typical of JW's in my opinion.

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