Sex and Marriage

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  • transhuman68
    I actually have no morals at all, and probably most people are less moral than they think they are; as they always approve of what they themselves do, but not what others do, as sex is a very individual taste. But that's the way it is, and people reap the consequences of their actions- or not, but life goes on and many things that seem like a big deal really
  • TD

    I actually have no morals at all..


  • Hisclarkness
    Contrary to popular belief, the concept of "sex before marriage" is not found anywhere in the bible. Under the Mosaic Law a man could lie down with any woman who wasn't already someone else's "property". Sleeping with harlots was commonplace. In the New Testament, the word fornication from the Greek "porneia" has to do with greed, lust, and adultery. Never did "porneia" have an original meaning of "sex before marriage." How could Jesus say that a man could only divorce his wife if she committed fornication if fornication meant sex before marriage?
  • KateWild

    First off I don't think there is any such thing as sexual compatibility. Compatibility in general is a must, and if both people are generous and enjoy giving as well as receiving in all aspect of life sex will be fine. Only if one or both are shallow and have prejudice will sexual compatibility be affected, and you will want to know a sexual partners floors before having any type of sex regardless whether or not it's within marriage.

    That being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with pre marital sex as long as both consenting adults know where they stand and what type of relationship they are in. All precautions should be taken to avoid unwanted STI's and unwanted pregnancy.

    Just remember consenting to sex is like consenting to drink tea, sometimes if an adult consents to sex they may change their mind or be incapable of sex moments later. So if they can't drink tea, they can't consent to sex.

    Kate xx

  • DJS

    I think that those who think that marriage, abstinence before marriage, monogamy, etc. are wonderful are wonderful. For them. Personally I'm in alignment with the Girl Next Door (I think I'm in love). Whatever two consenting adults wish to do sexually with each other or a few dozen of their closest friends is none of my business (except when I'm one of the closest friends).

    The problem I have on this site is with those who think Mike and Mary Married Monogamous Missionary Mating is the only 'moral' way to have sex -or the best way - and seek to judge others based on their code.

    Sex, in all of its different iterations, is amazing. Betrayal is the only issue I have between consenting adults; whatever else occurs that doesn't include lying, force/coercion (which doesn't include the occasional restraining devices - that she brings to me), cheating or non-consenting adults is most excellent.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    @ L-Uni

    "The odd one off the wrist is fine, however ... "---------ha ha--been many years since i heard that expression

    you MUST be a Brit


  • zeb
    Getting married: A public statement of your most private intentions.
  • Diogenesister
    We made it! Checked into our room........... laid down on a bed together for the first time ever and..... fell asleep in one another's arms.

    HaHaHa Giordano too!!!Hot stuff didn't happen until the next day! I wonder how many stressed out exhausted couples this actually happens too...a fair few I'm willing to bet!

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