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  • waton

    wt doctrine is exactly the opposite of what the bible writers put down about Jesus' sayings. He said "--the least of my brothers--", Calling the magnificent 8 in Warwick the least, rather than the top dogs is not wt doctrine.

    Finding the least of the brothers or sisters in any congregation would be easy, just watch the cliques in action, and the ones they ignore.

    Have not seen change in that. have you?

  • Crazyguy

    It seems to me that they are just honoring themselves some more and telling the rank and file they mean nothing and that they too must honor the GB more.

  • lastmanstanding

    I think Longhairgirl said it best. The Governing Butchers know that they are throwing their helpers, DO’s, CO’s, pioneers, Bethel workers, TO THE STREET.

    And they want congregations, rank & filers, to take care of them, else some of the “abandoned amharets” decide to sue the Groveling Bastards.

    One thing is again for sure, the Watchtower Agenda rears its ugly head.

  • lastmanstanding

    Doctrinal shift.

    For those who do not see this as a doctrinal shift, please note what the Watchtower taught with regard to Proverbs 19:17 up till this point. As late as last year, this verse, in WT dogma, meant something entirely different.

      May Your Volunteer Spirit Bring Praise to Jehovah

      w17 April p. 29

      4. To what does Jehovah liken our kindly giving to others?

      4 Jehovah considers acts of loyal love expressed toward his servants as being rendered to him ... Proverbs 19:17. Is this scripture implying that Jehovah takes note of every act of kindness performed in behalf of lowly ones? Can we conclude that the Creator of the universe considers himself to be indebted to mere humans who perform deeds of mercy ...

      5. What questions will we now consider?

      5 Jehovah invited the prophet Isaiah to speak on His behalf, revealing His pleasure in having faithful humans take part in the outworking of His purpose ...Today, thousands are demonstrating that same “Here I am! Send me!” spirit in taking up challenging assignments in Jehovah’s service. Still, one might ask: ‘Does my individual effort really matter? While it is gracious of Jehovah to allow me to volunteer and participate, will he not provide whatever is needed to fulfill his Word no matter how much I personally choose to do in his service?’

      Even last year, this verse still meant “do more do more”. It was still in harmony with the interpretation of Matthew 25:40 in WT dogma, that “doing good” only involved “good” directed towards “Christ’s brothers” represented as “lowly” or “least”. And this “good” was obeying the Grovelling Babblers.

      Now, however, both the RC talk this year about Pricilla and Aquila that incorporates Pr. 19:17 and the Watchtower study from last week, which incorporates Matthew 25, teach that “doing good” towards other mortal, non-GB humans is meant.
    • Doubting Bro
      Doubting Bro

      Agree that's a shift. And although I recall the talk I totally missed that. But I was likely browsing and just trying to make it through.

      Guess the real question is why? As you point out, it's not because they give a crap about anyone. It's something that will be used to benefit Mother

    • Room 215
      Room 215

      God forbid that they should ever come to acknowledge that Christ's parable was intended to blessing all those doing good to our fellow humans with whom we share this tiny planet.

    • LongHairGal


      Believe me, I hate being right all the time about this religion. The people remaining there are going to be hit up left and right for money like they were ATM machines.

      When I began my fade in 2001, I said that I didn’t want to be around any of the JWs when reality hit them. That was before I heard about bethelites being sent home.

      Decades ago, when I was ‘studying’ in my first congregation, it was whispered to me that a dysfunctional family there was bleeding an affluent family for money. They were criticized behind the scenes even by a so-called anointed. Everybody frowned on the idea of giving them money...I knew back then as a young person that I would not give money to deadbeats and this was even before I got so much ‘heat’ for my full time job.

      In the following years, of course, the full picture of the religion’s stand against education and careers became very obvious.

      Fast forward to out and retired. The predictions I made about people there being desperate are worse than I imagined because I had no idea what was going to happen to the economy and the religion as we are seeing!

    • lastmanstanding


      These GB idiots are getting easier to predict.

      Here is my prediction.

      1) They will remove all “WATCHTOWER” references, logo’s etc from Kingdom Halls and in the case of a lawn sign that just so happens to have a “watchtower look” by means of its style of construction (read; it looks like a damned mini watchtower) this too will be removed.

      Ok, that sounds like an easy one to make, as it has already happened and is in progress of happening. But when I was preaching it, I only got opposition. I said it ad-nauseum to my family who thought I was nuts.

      Not so nuts anymore here at home.

      2) They will thin out the watchtower until it is gone completely. I preached this around town, and got the apostate eye. But ‘gawwwwly’ its happening.

      3) There will be NO WATCHTOWER logos at Warwick. If you looked, there is one little one, up top on the front of the building. You’d hardly notice its there. IT WILL VANISH IN THE NIGHT.

      4) The GB will become increasingly nervous of their perilous financial situation. They will demonstrate their fear by way of more, and still greater, egregious decisions. This will involve sales of Kingdom Halls and assembly halls in places where there is no rhyme nor reason except that they are fleecing the flock in their attempt to shield themselves from the inevitable. It will become apparent that they are like the terrorist holding a baby as a shield over their ass as they flee.

    • Vidiot

      @ lastmanstanding...

      I am not inclined to bet against you.

    • Beth Sarim
      Beth Sarim

      I will guess that within 2 years the Watchtower will be toast. Going by what AM3 said last fall at the annual meeting, actually be toast maybe sooner than 2 years.

      The Watchtower logos you see on all JW will be a thing replaced by that 'cold' org. blue box.

      Slowly adopting 'idolatry', something they have forever condemned, but slowly condoning by worshipping the Borg, the blue box.

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