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  • LongHairGal


    Am I speculating? Probably. Not having been at the convention, I have to take the word of the original poster, LASTMANSTANDING.

    If he heard them say anything about JWs in congregations “doing good” to other JWs in the hall, while it could mean guess would be that it’s really about some sort of ‘assistance’.🙄

    I also imagine that at some point more bethelites might be let go... and are going to end up in congregations needing jobs and whatever!..The already hurting people will be expected to absorb a problem not of their making. There will be a lot of ‘hints’ about helping etc.

    Again - I would never tolerate being around this and am glad I left the religion.

  • waton
    True, My JW wife has Claustrophobia - the fear of having no escape in a closed space
    What a Psychologial manipulaters, these GB are

    Yeah, There was a watchtower illustration too, about the "valley of salvation" the jws being led into a narrow gully. Others are afraid of heights, wt has a phobia for everyone. It must have been agoraphobia at the last convention.

    re:' the doing of good', if this is true, wt has declared all to be "brothers of Christ" what a demotion for "partakers".

  • Sliced

    Longhaired Girl--- oh, sorry, no, I was actually asking the original poster... ;)

  • zeb

    LHG see pm.

  • AverageJoe1

    I very much doubt what the OP said about Matthew 25:45 as I've just done a search for that scripture in the official outlines and it is not even mentioned once!

    Please tell us the title of the talk this was supposedly mentioned in.

  • AverageJoe1

    The reason for my doubt also is that the GB are so interested in the organisation revolving around them that they would never willingly relinquish a scripture that they had previously misapplied to themselves, especially if that meant giving prominence to the R&F.

    Look how they previously removed the title of "faithful & discreet slave" from all anointed ones to saying it just means the GB.

  • lastmanstanding

    Ok, I’m back.

    Longhair, you nailed it in your first reply. There’s always “a reason” isn’t there....

    Average Joe. Don’t “very much doubt” , it’ll get you df’d. LOLOLOL

    I was dozing off during the governing boredom initiative, argh.. I mean the RC, but I perked up when bruddah Bill took the stage to impart wisdom to the masses. I recorded his talk, and I will type out what he read from his manuscript talk. (I’ve known bruddah Bill a long time)

    As it is, I have been at this half a century, and I know that whatever “new” there is at the convention will be splain’d in depth for sure in the Watchtowers later in the year. I was actually surprised to see it mentioned in an article that was concurrent with the RC schedule.

    I started to listen to the talk again, to type out his words of wisdom, but I got sidetracked. I’ll try to get to it today.

    Average Joe, we’re you there? How long have you “been at it”... You don’t really thing the GB has it annotated and announced when they admit they were wrong, do ya? 😂


    1) Hasn’t that scripture been used to foster obedience to the GB? I guess I’ll have to hear the context of the RC talk. Is this nu-lite???

    2) Why would Dubs fear a bunker??? Jeehoober’s angel will perform a Final Fantasy limit break attack at the last possible second, so....


  • AverageJoe1

    Hi LastMan. No I haven’t attended yet. We have the thrill of our assembly still to come, though I will probably spend most of the sessions out about town with fellow PIMOs.

    Thank goodness for Internet. On the few instances I actually have to show my face there, I can at least pass the time productively surfing the Net!

  • zophar

    I don't see any reference to Matthew 25:45 in last week's WT lesson.

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