Have you experienced Satan?

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  • noko

    The scripture says the god of this world is satan, it is there when you wake up, when you brush your teeth, it is the reality that surrounds you and blinds you to the truth that you are a prisoner, a slave of death charging satan's battery. Hey man, that sounds to much like the Matrix . Maybe that is why so many people really got into the movie, it kinda mimics the real truth or something .

  • TheOldHippie

    I had a strange experience 20 years ago, when I was out in the service as a faithful JW. Rural area, remote, and there are two haouses sort of stuck together. Out of the first one comes a man, around 55, and he is friendly and we talk about the weather and his dog and ordinary stuff. Then I say I am a JW - and suddenly his eyes kind of roll backwards so that all you see is the white in them. This happens in a fraction of a second, and he says nothing, his eyes just "disappeared". Foam comes around his mouth, and he in a strangely quiet voice says "Wait here!" and walk into the house (somehow he must have managed to see in spite of his eyes "being gone"). Out he comes, and he is foaming around his mouth and has a large club in his hand. He starts yelling and shouting and says he is going to kill me, because the sherif has allowed him to kill all JWs he meets, because they (the JWs) once condemned his dead brother to the burning hell. Since they said he was frying, we went to the sheriff, and was granted permission to murder all JWs who entered his house. He yells loudly, butthis is a rural area and there are no other houses around. The situation gets a bit .... scary.

    Then out of house number two comes a man running, he says he is his brother, and tells me directly, but not rudely, to leave at once, because "my brother ain't good when it comes to JWs".

    I left, somewhat trembling, and in my eyes then there was no doubt what had entered into that guy. I am not so sure if I have any doubts today, either ................. (sounded like "I used to doubt, but nowadays I am not so sure about that any more ......")

  • greven


    If Satan is what the bible claims, would he need to possess some mouth foaming weirdo wielding a club to do you harm? Remember, Satan was according to the bible a high ranking angel. I recall one lesser angel killing 185.000 people. Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

    Hippy, he was just what he apeared to be: A mindfoaming lunatic shaking a club at you.


  • Maverick

    Hey oldhippie, these country boys are probably still sitting around with their drinkin' buddies tellin' the tale of "them two dumb Jehovees and how we scared the crap outta them". And having a righteous good laugh! Maverick

  • dedalus

    Have you experienced Bugs Bunny?


  • Abaddon

    DJ: offering alternative explainations for apparently paranormal experiences is not flaming. People disagreeing with you is part of life. This is a discussion board, not an agreement board. You would reinterpret a Animistic shaman's story of some apparently paranormal event in line with your belief structure. He would say that you "don't understand or want to believe for whatever reason".

    You are welcome to believe what you like. It's your unwillingness to even listen to alternate explainations that bespeaks of a very closed mind. How did you get out of the Dubbies?


    I tried to sell my soul to him. I must be slightly dyslexic though, as I ended up spending Christmas working in Santa's Grotto in a department store.

    Seriously though. After I left the Dubbies, I implored God to help me. I read the accounts of what you're meant to do and feel to be 'born again' now with bemusement, as that's what I went through. Zip, nada, nothing.

    I then thought, in interested of fairness, and in case I was somehow flawed and unworthy of God's help, that maybe I should try selling my soul to Satan. Well, I didn't get taken up by Satan either. Zip, nada, nothing.

    A good science education and developing a healthy level of critical analysis has helped me move on from the days when I felt like that.

    It's all too silly really; God is really bad at proving who he is and what he wants. A small advertising agency in Wicihita, Kansas, run by an elderly duck with dementia, could do a better job of advertising. Likewise, Satan seems to be slightler more ineffectual than the bad-guys on the Scooby-Doo show.

    Now, of course, these entities might exist and I have been 'deceieved' in some way. But that seems convenient. Oh, "I can't prove it, but you've been 'deceieved' if you don't agree with me", is no explaination. It's an excuse for an imaginary belief structure, or if it is true, well, it reduces us to pawns in a game, which contradicts other pasrts of the same belief structure.

  • Robdar

    I was married to him for almost 14 years.


  • Yerusalyim

    Directly? Satan himself? No, I don't think so. demonic presence? Sure.

  • heathen

    Although I'm not a religionist I can say yes to the question asked on this thread to experiencing satan and don't think any less of anyone who makes the same claim .I believe we live in a very strange universe in which many invisible powers are evident such as the wind blowing or gravity . I know for a fact that I have seen spirits and only base my comment on that .I also am aware that many people are very supersticious and exploit peoples fears to the point of fanatical hysteria such as the puritans did during the salem witch hunts and such .I don't think we need fear such things as we cannot control it .

  • one

    A person I now tried to sell his soul to him/her but they did not agree on the price.

    Then I got to know a demon (female), at least that is how my lawyer described a young beautiful girl that i dated. .

    Actually I think that Satan should step down and let this demon take his/her placeā€¦ believe me. She has more credentials being visible to begin with.

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