I got my Bethel Application approved, I start in September

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  • Listener

    For all those that still think Quarterback is being serious, he's not. As if he would take the job and put his wife to work in the laundry and for no pay. No decent husband would do that on purpose.

    Now that talk you've been assigned to give will require a list of the best websites to avoid and enough copies made to hand out to all those in attendance.

  • Quarterback

    Well let me clear up something. I'm not a Troll. The definition of a Troll means that they promote hatred and discord. That is not me. Without revealing too much of my offer.

    1) I haven't officially accepted it, yet

    2) I wouldn't make life for my wife unconfortable

    Stay tuned

  • Listener

    That does come as a surprise Quarterback.

    If you accept it will be a big adjustment for you both. For many Bethel is not what they expect. Many must love it because they stay so long.

    If your wife hasn't been working I would imagine that the change will be huge. To be honest I made that comment about a good husband respecting his wifes feelings because of the general attitude that JW men display. There's even a little section on this months Broadcast where the Malefants (I think) are being interviewed. Their appointment at Bethel was because they wanted his services, the wife was required to be supportive and accept anything they gave her. She explains that she was not looking forward to their appointment at Bethel and the job that she was given. She says she came to appreciate the loving association of the other Bro's and Sis's at Bethel. She made it sound like she really enjoyed the sanctuary of their little world (but never mentioned whether she had joy in the work she was assigned).

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Quarterback: OK this is a joke, right??? If not I know a nice friend of

    mine, he's a doctor he works with people minds....

  • Quarterback

    I may look him up in a few years, James. Good morning everyone. I'm now enjoying my breakfast that I have prepared, wondering if it would taste better if someone did it all for me. But I'm still in my PJ's.

  • ToesUp

    Let's see...freedom from an abusive cult or having someone prepare my breakfast. Which one will I choose? FREEDOM BABY! FREEDOM TASTES BETTER THAN CAPTIVITY!

  • Quarterback

    They can never take away my Freedom Fries

  • notsurewheretogo

    I just can't take any of this thread seriously...nobody who was still a dub would come on here whilst "still in mentally" and yet no-one who was "out mentally" would ever go to Bethel.

    Story doesn't stack up for me.

  • Lostandfound

    Got my Bethel redundancy today, I get thrown out tomorrow,

    just as likely as the op

  • hoser

    I know I'd never make it in bethel. I'd sooner bust my ass for a "worldly" corporation and be able to pay someone to make my breakfast than work for free in that sweatshop.

    Besides mrs hoser is not submissive. She's been told that by the CO.

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