I got my Bethel Application approved, I start in September

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  • Quarterback

    Well it took awhile. I've downsized. Got rid of my BMW. I now drive a Ford Fusion. The CO approves.

    I have a special skill tat they want. My wife will be assigned to the laundry room. This pisses her off. But. how could she refuse? It's a special privilledge.

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    "My wife will be assigned to the laundry room" as a woman, where else could she be assigned?! Oh yea, maybe the kitchens or cleaning dept. I suppose.

  • DesirousOfChange

    WTF are you thinking? You're wasting your life toiling away for a Cult.

    Just move on. Life is short!

    Good luck,


    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • Saename

    Please... God... let this be sarcasm...

  • ToesUp

    So....let me get this straight. You are on a "apostate" website and the holy spirit has approved you for Bethel service. So you duped the system and you are going to be "used" by WT (you have a special skill). If that is what you and your wife choose to do, more power to you. Send us some juicy stuff from Bethel while your there. If they can "use" you why can't you be a little fly on the wall. Theocratic Warfare!

  • oppostate

    Maybe you could become a second Johnny the Bethelite and call in to Six Screens on a weekly basis to report "rumors" making the rounds in the compound.

    Oh, and I thought they were cutting back on laundry and meal services, was that not true?

    Best of luck, and see if you can do some sabotaging while you're there, you apostate whippersnapper you!

  • bohm

    Aw praise Jah! Do you know what vital job you will be doing?

    To bad about your wife. As the head of the household, I think you should council her to be happy because right now, she sounds downright discouraging. She must realize your appointment could only happen with Jehovahs backing and so she is really grumbling about Jehovah! Read her Exodus 16:2 and I bet she will be exhilarated!

    Furthermore, how does she know what interesting positions are in store for her at Bethel? For instance, if your wife is fat, she might get promoted to stomp potato peels so there is more room in the container.

    (I think the irony-meter is off for some of the posters on this thread)

    Update: When I write "bet" I only mean it as a figure of speech. I do not want to encourage gambling because that makes Jesus sad.

  • freemindfade

    I hope you are doing this to help leak inside info

  • slimboyfat

    Cool I hope you have a good time. Keep your ear to the ground, if you have a chance have a sneak around, and see if you find anything interesting.

  • elderINewton

    All that we ask is for the peodo database to be leaked to a responsible source, like a good law firm or journalist

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