the GB's coup of the FDS

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  • Magnum

    I believe the GB's takeover of the FDS was an illegal coup - not illegal relative to the laws of land, but illegal according to JW "laws" or doctrine.

    According to JW doctrine, The FDS is God's channel of communication between heaven and earth. Before the coup, the FDS was defined to be all the anointed on earth, and the GB was part of that group and merely the spokesman for the group - individual GB members having no more authority than non-GB members of the FDS.

    However, a few years ago, the GB, independently of the other members of the FDS, decided that it alone was the FDS. That, to me, was an illegal overthrow of the body (FDS); it was a coup.

    Suppose the U.S. president decided that he has all power, and that he removed the powers of the U.S. congress. That would be illegal according to current U.S. law. He couldn't do that without the approval of the congress.

    The U.S. president's doing that would certainly make it easier for him to enact his agenda because he wouldn't have to answer to or get input from congress. And the GB's removal of "power" from the other partakers makes it easier for it (the GB) to enact its agenda. It no longer has to worry in the least about what other partakers think; they now have no more authority than a microphone-carrying, pimple-faced, MS wannabe.

    I'm sure that before the coup, the non-GB members of the FDS were a thorn in the side of the GB. They were probably writing letters, asking questions, offering unsolicited input, etc., and the GB wanted to stop all that, so it searched for a way to claim all power for itself. And you know how JWdom works; the org has a need, so it finds a scriptural passage or a scriptural account to back up its need. (In other words, the scriptures don't lead the org; the org leads the scriptures.)

    The org found its scriptural backing and there was "new light". I think the GB's coup was a really profound event in the history of JWdom; it was a centralizing of power and authority - making the org more authoritarian. More power in the hands of fewer people is often, to me, not good.

    I call on all elders to call the GB into a judicial hearing. The GB is guilty. It could not "demote" the other partakers without consulting with them. The GB went against JW doctrine in effect at the time.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The rank-and-file's quiescence to the coup -- a blatant power grab, really - is really astonishing. And yes, remarks by that pin-head Splane prior to the change did make vague references to their annoyance at non-GB anointed who sought a place at the table invoking their status as an FDS member in the field.

  • ttdtt

    I wonder how the rest of the FDS feel about their place in the sun being stripped away without their consent.

    FYI why did it take Dog 100 years to finally make know who the FDS was?
    I mean what that like Job 1 ?

  • pontoon

    Non GB F&D slave class never did have any corporate power, authority or say in policymaking so the power grab just made the aforementioned official.

  • Finkelstein

    The FDSL were those who followed correctly in Jesus's instructions in preaching the Gospel.

    Unfortunately many men have taken on that identity of being the FDSL but to only show that were false prophet charlatans selling and acquiring money from people. $$$

    They presented and sold a commercialized tainted Gospel, the Watchtower Corporation is just but one of these modern day commercialized false prophets $$$

  • Magnum

    pontoon, I agree that in practice the non-GB FDS members never actually had any power, however, the "law" existing at the time says that they did, so when it came to a decision that big - stripping most partakers of "rank" - the decision should not have been made by only seven men. The other partakers had a "legal" right to protest the decision, as at the time, according to JW "law" (doctrine), they were officially part of the FDS.

    What the GB did was "illegal".

  • waton

    Of course , because Brooklyn backdated this appointment to 1919, it was passed off as a fait accompli, already in force since 1919, and by making the generation anointed, it gave the general partakers a consolation prize, they are the timepiece for the end, 2075 really.

  • Finkelstein
    they are the timepiece for the end, 2075 really.

    Care to elaborate a little further ?

  • waton

    elaborate? yes: Using the words of David Splane. He upheld the life data of F. Franz as a standard for anointed overlappers. F.F. died in 1992 at the age of ~99 and after 78 years of partaking since and before 1914, the start date of the generation. A similar partaker overlapping Franz, would live to ~2070 (1992 +78), and be 46 years old today. Given that D. Splane allowed that older partaker exist (or partook earlier in their lives), and future improvements in healthcare, these facts would easily push that figure to 2075, understanding too, that the end of the anointed generation happens at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, well ahead of the end run of Armageddon. 2075 it is

  • OnTheWayOut

    It's a cult.

    The "leaders" were stuck with old doctrine that says anybody can be FDS.

    Many rank and file, deliberate or not, decided to be FDS. Even though they had no real power, they were told they did have some. So yes, the governing body had to deal with these people.

    Since it's a cult, the "leaders" got rid of the old doctrine that says anybody can be FDS and just tweaked it enough to say they can be anointed, but their rule starts in heaven- so shut up and follow the leaders.

    It's a cult.

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