DECEMBER 2018 WATCHTOWER STUDY ARTICLE...Many loyal Christians have remained with an unbelieving mate under very trying circumstances.

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Not "stumbling someone" are the keywords...I hate to use the term trigger, however, those terms just pop up because only JWs use them and that was also a control method to keep one in line. ''

    I always hated the word "trigger'' also, it's like a way of pinning the blame on the victim, shifting the blame to the ''abused'' one.

  • sparrowdown

    Notice they never show any official stats or figures to back up any claims they make of the % of people who seperate and those that don't. Face it WT would you prefer all to be miserable and enslaved - even if it's by proxy including the "unbelieving" mate.

  • sir82

    Succinct translation / summary so you don't have to endure actually reading the article:

    "Too many of you JWs are separating, or even divorcing, without our permission! We have guidelines! WE will tell you when you are allowed to separate! Obey us, obey us, OBEY US, you wretched miserable worms!"

  • Vidiot

    When a group's instructions to its membership involve doing damn near everything first and foremost for the group's benefit...

    ...what's that say about the group?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I know a sister who was coerced into staying with an abusive husband. He ended up raping her daughter by a first marriage. This was a case of a marriage that wasn't "made in heaven".

    The dating rules, empahsis on not being worldly, marrying only a "spiritually strong" person all contribute to bad marrieages. As do the big expectations and lavish starts.

    My own opinion is 2 people should "drift" into a relationship (marriage), and also the family group should encompass a clan.

  • Steel

    I have been married to a JW for 10 years now. Never once I have I ever seen her read the bible. Never has she given any witness of her faith. Never has she started a theological conservation with me. Heck, I am sure she doesn't even read the magazines anymore.

    I try to explain basic Christian concepts to her. Saved by grace, why we have a new testament, what the new covenant is, the deity of Christ etc etc. She has no interest at all. She doesn't try and defend her position. She just doesn't give a shit.

    spiritual endangerment ha ha . I think reading the bible might be "spiritual endangerment".

  • flipper

    It's disgusting how the WT Society STILL after all these years crosses over personal boundaries in which they have no business or authority to cross over .

    One of the reasons I left the JW organization over 15 years ago was because I was in an abusive marriage with a methamphetamine addicted wife who the elders told me I should get back together with. This woman was violent, angry, and SHE left me- I did not leave her- she wanted out so she could continue being a tweeker doing her drugs. She was a dangerous person for my then teenage children to be around.

    In spite of that fact- the elders in my congregation told me I should get back with her even though this soon to be ex-wife was refusing to have 2 of my JW children visit us at the house. And the elders told me I should visit my JW children at a neutral park to accomodate this drug addict wife's wishes. They said it was a GOOD thing that my wife wanted to get back with me, in spite of her treatment of my JW children.

    I essentially told the elders they were crazy, and asked them what the source of their counsel was ? That's when I saw that JW elders are more concerned about " outward appearances " in congregations , than anybody actually being content and happy - even if it puts your children at risk. When I saw the elders didn't care about my then teenage children, I said to myself " screw this " and before a meeting I got my books off my seat and walked out the kingdom hall door never to go back. The blinders had come off my eyes and I had my awakening to TTATT. Best decision I ever made to leave that crap. Peace out,

  • TJ Curioso
  • Vidiot
    flipper - "It's disgusting how the WT Society STILL after all these years crosses over personal boundaries in which they have no business or authority to cross over."

    Good rule of thumb to remember...

    ...if a group is super-preoccupied with looking righteous, odds are good that under the surface, they're the opposite.


    February 15, 2012, Watchtower simplified edition:

    So, Selma's husband is angry, jealous, possessive, insecure, and hot-tempered even before Selma studied the Bible. Steve hits Selma. Selma tells a sister about the abuse. ( instead of calling the police ) The sister proceeds to have Selma read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 :

    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    Selma ( clearly hit too often by Steve) now understands by reading this scripture that: she needs to adjust her attitude and pray to Jehovah to be more loving towards Steve! Steve is not at fault for his actions!

    UNBELIEVABLE! I would like to hear the sisters comments when this December 2018 Watchtower Study is conducted. This study should be recorded and sent to Woman's Domestic Violence Organizations and the local police. The WTBTS sanction this kind of behavior!

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