DECEMBER 2018 WATCHTOWER STUDY ARTICLE...Many loyal Christians have remained with an unbelieving mate under very trying circumstances.

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''The most important thing to JWS and its leaders is protect and influence loyalty to them, individual heath, happieness and welfare to individuals are a lesser concern. ''

    That's pretty much it. Loyalty to the Borg, and protection of the GB and following policy is paramount. Safety and life of the cult ''followers'' takes a back seat.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I remember when I was an elder being involved with a domestic situation where the two people had split up.

    The only guidance we could find was a study article in a 1988 WT. (Can't remember the exact issue but it had a drawing of trench warfare on the front cover).

    The above quotation sounds as if it has been lifted from the earlier WT, at least it sounds like a similar echo to me. I can't say for sure because I don't read the Watchtower magazines any longer.

  • sparrowdown

    What the article doesn't acknowledge are all those supportive "unbelieving" mates. Most of the couples I knew the husband was very accommodating of the "sister" financially supporting her while she pioneered, driving her to and fro from meetings patiently waiting in the car, turning up at memorials for her sake, helping at KH working bees.

    The other thing it doesn't mention is the abusive JW mates?

    I 'm not saying there are not difficult or even abusive unbelieving mates out there but the article makes it sound like all unbelievers either are or will be abusive. The article is simplistic, one-sided and short on information. There are other sides to this issue they are not talking about.

  • VIII

    As a young teen, I had a friend whose father was not in. Her mother was a devoted JW and I would spend the night at her house periodically for sleepovers. Her father was a terrible drunk and slept in the basement. They had one bathroom.

    Any time I was using the bathroom to shower the creepy father suddenly needed to go use the commode. He would knock and come in (no lock)!! I was horrified and would say "NO, I'm in the shower and will be right out Mr. Smith." He would come in any way, grab the shower curtain and say "It that you VIII in the shower?" Then he would hold back the curtain and go pee!

    This happened a second time I was there and I told my Mother. I told her exactly what was happening. He was peeking in on me showering. I was 14 years old. My Mother's words were "Just let it go, we need him to come to Jehovah and become a Witness. Don't tell anyone what he is doing. Ignore it. You're making too big of a deal out of it and you're going to Stumble him".

    To say I lost faith that day is an understatement. My own Mother completely lets me down and didn't care that my friend's father was a creepy potential molester. She was more concerned with recruiting the old, dirty drunk than me.

    They are a sick, mind-controlled cult whose only goal is more recruits.

  • Spiral

    I can't believe they are still dishing out this sh*t (by way of the "apostle" Paul of course, a man known not to value women) and seeming to reference a woman putting up abuse by a man.

    I thought that was crazy when I was a teenager, and I now know that it is beyond crazy - it's criminal.

    Any person who stays with an abusive mate because they might convert is crazy. Any organization that requires such behaviour is criminal.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Any person who stays with an abusive mate because they might convert is crazy. Any organization that requires such behaviour is criminal.''

    And, if anything as their controversial and ''abusive'' policies and practises come to light, they even double-down. They become even more draconian and extreme.

  • zeb

    VIII, almost word for word of one of the cases out of the ARC..You are damn lucky it didnt get worse.

    You are welcome here we all care for you.

  • ToesUp


    If my daughter came home and told me that story, Mr. Smith's ass would be in jail!!!

    I can't believe your Mother responded like that. That is horrifying! I'm so sorry you had to experience that.

  • VIII

    Thank you zeb and ToesUp. I stopped doing sleep-overs at her house though I did ride my bike over and keep up my friendship with her. I would guess that the creepy Dad did it to her also.

    Not "stumbling someone" are the keywords...I hate to use the term trigger, however, those terms just pop up because only JWs use them and that was also a control method to keep one in line.

  • _Morpheus

    I also see the flip side as despicable. The marriage is so sacred.... unless he dosent want his wife out knocking on doors 24/7. Its all about the cult. If something is going to inconvenience you in service to the book publishing company, dont worry! We will add a clause not found in the bible for our convenience, a get out of jail free card... “spiritual endangerment”. They are hypocrites coming and going.

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