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  • ExBethelitenowPIMA
    • Any time you mention a critical article or video to a JW, their reply will be that you cannot trust anything posted on the internet because it's likely something apostates have photoshopped or falsified to discredit "the brothers". There is plenty to be said about the bOrganization without having to fake it.

      Anyone who does this is just fueling their persecution complex

      Br Jackson beard was fake

    • Just like that letter claiming to be from Bethel saying a U turn on advanced education. JW podcasts YouTube channel insists it’s real but yet to prove it

  • Dagney

    Thinking about this higher education thing.

    I came from a hall with business men as elders, and they all made college available to their kids. They understood what it took to earn a living these days.

    I was thinking that since they removed the hour quota from the publishers, they may also back away from a hard stance on higher education, or at least mention it less as they try to enlist educated people for their legal teams.

    When I left I told people, what group wants to keep their flock uneducated and simple out of the major apocalyptic religions born in the 1800's? Why it's the JW's! Mormons and Adventist created their own environment to educate, but at least the saw the importance of it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    A total disservice to post this kind of sh!t.

    If anything, it makes me question if the poster is doing so at the behest of WTS. Then anyone that would mention seeing such a letter would be identified as following apostate websites.

  • blondie

    I don't believe the WTS would ever do a blanket letter like this for all congregations. In the past, each BOE determined if going to a university/college would disqualify a baptized man from being an elder or ministerial servant. I have seen case-by-case situations with some specious reason why that person could go to college: e.g. one's non-jw father said he had to go to college and was paying for it. He had to do what his non-jw father said, although this man did not no live at home, and was not under his father's authority any more. That was a crock. Or if some jw man was able to regular pioneer at the same time, it was okay.

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