New name for Herd

by blownaway 33 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Incognito

    Rolex remains an expensive brand which many people still consider as upscale and the people who wear them to have money. Consider the age of most GB members.

    Even if the GB wear Rolex clones, they seem to wish to convey affluence and prestige which is a total contradiction to their instructions to r&f JW's to simplify and be happy with basics.

  • LV101

    Beautiful -- love the face colors. My nephew has the one with a green (subdued green) face probably same watch as yours -- very handsome watch. His detective police buddies tell him to stop wearing it (he wears when not working) because he'll get murdered because of it! Scary -- I told him to get a stupid Apple watch and wear - they're great!

  • Tallon

    Bling - Bling; not only Herd, but all of the GB!

  • LV101

    The Great 8 must have a nice slush fund. Multi-millionaire penthouses -- can't walk around with a Timex and inexpensive clothes on.

    Incog - I agree re/Rolex. Not worth being robbed over (nothing is) but will always be revered. Every witness I knew seemed in awe of everything the WT possessed and probably makes their hearts feel overjoyed to see their gawds in their adornment and bling. What hypocrites (the 8) expecting/pounding the brains of the adherents to only have basics but it's so they can have all their money. Crooks!

  • minimus

    I have a presidential with the diamond bezel. It’s a classic looking watch. I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago and was shown a two-tone Rolex off the street that was only $185 and that’s because the guy said he liked me LOL

  • sir82

    two-tone Rolex off the street that was only $185

    Check the spelling - might have been a "Polex" or a "Rollex"

  • fulano
    I have a an old oyster perpetual as well, from end eighties, the thing is it is 36 mm. only. To small to see the time at my age. I cannot sell it, it is a gift from an uncle that died not so long ago. But they are Seiko I guess 😉
  • Diogenesister

    Patek Philippe

  • fulano

    I know... But that is another league...

  • sparky1

    I can't live without my 18k Accutron Astronaut. Take that......Sam Herd!

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