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by blownaway 33 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • LV101

    Presidential with diamond bezel is at the top -- serious Rolex - can't believe you were offered a Rolex on the street for $185 - guess it pays to be liked! lol. There's a way the Rolex thieves can spot the authentic ones -- the movement or something -- or so I heard.

  • Incognito
    shown a two-tone Rolex off the street that was only $185

    What exactly does "off the street" mean? Is this another way of saying 'lifted' or 'five finger discount'?

    There's a way the Rolex thieves can spot the authentic ones

    Rolex design, develop and produce the entire watch including all parts. Their design and tight tolerances apparently do not produce a ticking sound as the others do so the lack of sound in a mechanical timepiece is one method to verify an authentic Rolex from a Faux-lex.


  • fulano

    THE replicas nowadays come with good, at least that's what they say, automatic movements. So they don't have that jumping second hand that a quartz movement has. By the way, every Rolex produces ticking sound, some louder that others or faster than others, depending on the caliber.

    185 Dollars for a Rolex is a joke. A pre-owned date just will cost you at least 2000, and that is just the basic version.

  • LV101

    Rolex is solid and have jumped in value, of course. My 2-tone basic was under $2,000 in 1970s - my gold with diamond bezel not good price many yrs. ago -- then I wanted the big Rolex -- anyway/enough of Rolex OCD!

    This is girl thing but the regular Michelle watches are very popular. What's amazing is what these (I'd call non-solid) fashion/non-Rolex watches are running -- and the Michelle Cloette Fleur (limited edition -- so 60s) unavailable. New Cloette at Nordstrom - no 'fleur' just diamonds/10 mm smaller case approx $3200. No color - not half as fun as the original (less diamonds) but were priced around $1,500 initially. If it were bigger or as fun or had the 'fleur' I wouldn't have to ponder about. It's not a Chopard, Piaget, Patek Philippe (more of my faves) for heck's sake! Unused/new Cloette Fleur on Ebay all gone - they did have one or 2 new but gone. Bummer/I missed the boat!

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