What Are Your "Senior Moments" Like?

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  • truthlover

    James Mixon

    That is not too unusual, my mother and aunt would do the same, I would get every name of their sisters until they hit on mine -- comes from too many in the family usually

    So with 8 kids running around I would say your about normal

  • LongHairGal

    I walk into a room and forget why - or I get distracted and sidetracked!

    I admit I did this when I was younger, probably because of stress, multitasking, etc. I make sure I put things in their proper place but leave mail out. Out of sight is out of mind. I write things on the calendar.

    I guess we have to learn to laugh at ourselves.

  • LisaRose

    My husband often can't come up with the names for things, and he expects me to read his mind and know what he means. Strangely, sometimes I actually do. He once said he wanted this dessert, couldn't remember the name, but he made a circle with his hands and I knew he meant creme brulee. But when he starts a conversation with "Remember that time we went to that place and did that thing?" I have no clue. He couldn't remember the name of these puff pastry cookies he likes so he called them "air biscuits", so now we just call them that.

    I don't have that but I have ADHD, so I sometimes have trouble remembering to do things, or misplacing things, and it seems to happen more often now that I am past sixty. I have to attach my Keys to my purse or I would constantly be losing them. I only buy earrings at garage sales because I lose them so often.

    Getting old is rough.

  • smiddy

    Some people say I look 10 years younger than my age , however I feel 10 years older than my age .

    It frustrates me somewhat that I can`t do the things I used to be able to do , lack of energy ,loss of will power and motivation , I`m still reasonably mobile though thankfully .

    If I kick the bucket tomorrow or the next day ,I can`t complain ,I`ve had a good life considering all things., not that I want to mind you.

    Never worry about misplacing your keys , start worrying when you have them but can`t remember what their for.


  • eva luna
    eva luna

    It's funny when my dad says I am having a senior moment..

    I cant argue with him , since I don't remember.

    Talk about rubbing it in..smile

    ha... I still win

  • RubaDub

    I pee myself without realizing it, smile and then go about my business.

    Rub a Dub

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    My parents toward the end of their life came to the reality that they were going to die in this system and not live on forever into a new system. They seemed beaten down and excepting of their ultimate fate. My mom would always say to me, "don't get old, its awful".
  • Lostandfound
    Have made tea but did not put water in cup with one teabag but poured boiling water in the teabag canister, stare in amazement into fridge at all the things in there but have no idea what I am doing. Yes, I agree Never Grow Old.
  • mrquik
    I'm 64. Let's see.. walk into a room; forget why I'm there. Call the wife by the last wife's name. Forget the names of the grandchildren (I only have four). Drive to town; buy everything else but what I went to town for. Try to start the truck with the wrong key. Yeah; this getting old crap is nothing what I expected. (Oh, I forgot, I'm never going to get old. Jokes on me...)
  • Cangie
    I turned 65 last Saturday...hated it 'cause now I'm officially "old people." During my career I occasionally worked as a trainer (adult education) and was very verbal. Usually the classes were scheduled for an 8-hour day, and I was responsible for delivering material at least half of that time. Now, I can be in the middle of a conversation with my daughter and a lot of it consists of "uh...what's the word for...?" I also call my grandchildren the wrong names---usually the name of my kids or my brothers and sisters. But when I think of how much I hate getting older, I just remind myself that it beats the alternative!

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