Crisis of Conscience where to find?

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  • NewYork44M

    It looks like you can acquire a book via Amazon, assuming you are able to get a second mortgage on your house. Given the market price of this book, I think I will see my copy.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Gone awol, I was only sympathising with window cleaners-- having been one myself.

    Today's prices on Amazon-- Crisis of Conscience , Raymond Franz... hardback £539.80

    paperback; a snip at £188..... Gordon Bennett!!

  • GoneAwol

    Half banana, you’ll know all about the numb fingers in winter, the worn out joints etc😁

    sorry I did rant a bit yesterday, but we try to make the best of being robbed of our choices by the org, and to some, window cleaning is the lowest form of employment. As if thats all the person is good at and can ever hope to achieve.

    Every time its mentioned on here, its a blunt reminder of being robbed. And the embarrassment of being led on.

    Some make it work well, some dont or cant. But we all deserve our dignity, even more so as the org took ours. 👍

  • respectful_observer

    I ended up just listening to homemade "audio book" version (quality wasn't too bad at all, btw) that can be easily found on Youtube. Posted in about 10 separate segments if I recall.

  • zeb

    My pm bombed on me I meant pdf.

  • jaydee

    How many copies do you want ?

    but I doubt you are in the same country as me anyway, so postage would be nuts......

    I'm in Aus.

  • Onager

    The issue I have with Window Cleaning isn't one of class. There are three main problems:

    1) It's socially isolating.

    Unlike most jobs you have very limited contact with other people. If you work with other people then they will be JW's as well. Interaction with householders is brief.

    2) It offers no skill advancement

    Once you have learned the skill of window cleaning you never need to learn anything else. You don't start as an apprentice cleaner, spend years learning the trade and become an expert. Also it doesn't teach any skills that can transfer to a better career. I call window cleaning the velvet trap, because you can earn decent money, but you can't escape.

    3) There is no security in older age

    You do not get a decent pension as a window cleaner and every year your joints get a little bit stiffer but you have to keep on working.

    You may turn your window cleaning round into a successful business and start employing other JW's and eventually have an income without having to hump a ladder yourself, but in order to achieve that you have to bend the JW rules and ignore the whispering as you pursue a "materialistic" goal. So it's not the people that are the issue, it's the job itself.

  • dubstepped

    @respectful observer - I believe that youtube was taken down, probably at the behest of the same people that seem to be making sure the book disappears. I did save a copy of the audio if someone needed it. I'd have to look though. I'm an auditory learner so that was my way of getting the information.

    Just looked it up on youtube and found it with some computer generated voice reading it. I had it with a human man that read it aloud, and he did a great job.

  • jaydee

    @dubstepped....Can you check on that at some point please ,

    Because I remember him too, but as I remember it, he never finished off the entire book , before they got pulled

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Interesting thing about window cleaning and JWism. They do seem to run together. Lots of JW's that I know are in the cleaning business. Some work for others, some do it solo, some own a small cleaning company. If I go by what the self employed cleaners tell me, then they make a decent living. This seems to be a very common job for the less educated.

    Interestingly enough, in the Hispanic community there's a very common job for the better educated, the type of people who could have gone to ,or actually attended university. The job is translator, often working in the court system. I actually believe that this type of job is even promoted by the "job counselors" in the congregation. It's a job where you don't employ critical thinking skills, even though, you are likely to be very smart.

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