Why cant Judicial Committees be taped?

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  • DwainBowman

    Sorry, I don't have time to read all the replies!

    In as simply stated as possible! They don't want the individual to have any kind of proof of how they are treated!

    Anytime really know the total story about someone's case, and they are df'ed. If you ever say something about it to an eldub, they will pretty much respond with. Well you don't know the whole story! Or there's more to it!

    In my own case, they never told me I was being invited to a JC meeting, nor what the charges were! I went to just clear up a few questions, and walked out twenty minutes later df'ed! I had no ideal that was even a possibility! Sometime later when I got my head straight, I ask questions of two eldubs, a week later they told me, that all the notes from it had been destroyed! So I started pushing harder! Two weeks later, they called me to the room! Well magically, the notes had turned up! In the notes it said I had been told it was a JC, but also of the charges, and how I had confused! None of witch were true! I remember the idiot taking notes thought he was a stenographer, and used a green stenopad, the pad they supposedly had the notes on was a large yellow legal new legal pad that had not even had a second page turned, they wouldn't even let me see what was written on it, much less read it. I got a quick glimpse of it as the as_hole was putting it back in his bag, it was blank! Lying power mad Bastard's! If I had been allowed to record it, or have someone with me, to tell the truth, the as_holes couldn't have gotten away with it!


  • blondie

    Amazing experience, but then not, probably the usual business for them.

    I never understood where in the bible it says that a JC required 3 elders but the person called to it could have not eyewitnesses.

    The judicial cases in Israel were conducted in the public gate so all could see and hear the proceedings.

    But then David was guilty of adultery and murder, 2 capital offenses with execution the only result if found guilty. He was found guilty but not in the public gates. And there was no escape clause in the law for him...and no record that God stepped in an forgave any ordinary Israelite.

    I have yet to find anything in public print in the publications of a scriptural basis in the Christian congregation for a star chamber, secret process, for a JC, let alone any example of one at all. Ananias and Sapphira were found guilty in a public setting and executed directly by God (per the WTS explanation).

    I have talked to Bible Students and they conduct the investigation privately but conduct the "trial" publicly in the congregation of baptized members. Some do a vote by hand, others have a private vote. But it is the congregation that decides not 3 men in secret.

  • ToesUp

    For the same reason you can not have anyone else present during a JC. No witnesses! They know they have stuff that can bite them in the a**. The child abuse scandal and their homophobic attitude will eventually bite them. Coming Soon!

  • Vidiot

    Dwain - "...In my own case, they never told me I was being invited to a JC meeting, nor what the charges were! I went to just clear up a few questions, and walked out twenty minutes later df'ed!..."

    Sneaky buggers.

    They must have really wanted to get rid of you.

  • Landy
    If you want to record the meeting just fess up right at the start that you are recording and will be happy to provide the committee with a copy if they request one.
    Don't negotiate the point, you are recording and that's that. Just remind them that if they choose to terminate the meeting you will expect no action to be taken against you.

    If you refuse to stop taping and terminate the JC you will be deemed unrepentant and disfellowshipped in your absence.

    if it gets as far as the JC and you don't want to be DF'd then, barring any procedural errors, your only way is to plead repentance and then fade away.

  • rebel8

    I would just start the recorder before I went into the room, if it is legal in my location. Usually you can record your own conversations w/o the knowledge of the other person, if I'm not mistaken.

    If you have a motive to record it then maybe you have enough motive to conceal the fact you're doing it.

    When I had mine in the 1980s, I had no small recorder and had no interest in recording it. I went under duress and didn't care what was said--it wouldn't have affected the outcome. I had already left the organization at that point.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Hey I just figured out how get around this law we have in California that it it not admissible in court as testimony against one opponent.

    Just bleep out the the parts of parties that would object to it use in a case against them and let the willing parties voices be made clear that secretly made the recording could answered after being offered as evidence and latter questioned as to what was being said that made him respond with certain verbal expressions and thus use such testimony in a court of law for his defense against his oponent in law,. I think it could work. Why throw the complete tape out as testimony in a trail when there are those that feel it is their right to be heard and the other opposing power be bleeped out in harmony with the laws or intentions of the law for public good.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Why can't Judicial Committees be taped?

    They can.

    But please..if you do, don't post a video of the ceiling or a crooked frame of a chair and the floor. Try to get at at least one of them in the frame.

    You might also take in a small tape recorder. When they ask you if you're taping it, pull it out and say, "I'd like to if it's okay with you." That way you won't have to lie when they say no and they'll stop looking for the camera. You might also ask if they're recording it. Oh, and don't ask if they mind if you smoke. (It'll be a real short meeting.)

    Also, DO NOT ask them how they know Jehovah picked the WTS in 1919.

  • Vidiot
    Herelgo - "Why can't Judicial Committees be taped?"

    Because the Org doesn't want the wider world (including the JW R&F) to realize just how shitty their "justice system" really is.

  • rebel8

    That way you won't have to lie when they say no and they'll stop looking for the camera. You might also ask if they're recording it.

    These are excellent ideas.

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