Why cant Judicial Committees be taped?

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  • sir82

    Was it because of legal reasons?

    Precisely. There are a lot of nitwit elders out there, who would either say something slanderous, or who would implicate the WTS as having influence on their decision. A recording would provide damning evidence in a lawsuit.

    The WTS presents itself as a bold fearless champion of proclaiming "Jehovah's truth", but in reality, nearly every policy they have is predicated on their utter terror of being sued. The threat of losing money and/or prestige is literally the most terrifying thing they can conceive of.

  • nicolaou

    This topic comes up now and again, see here.

    If you want to record the meeting just fess up right at the start that you are recording and will be happy to provide the committee with a copy if they request one.

    Don't negotiate the point, you are recording and that's that. Just remind them that if they choose to terminate the meeting you will expect no action to be taken against you.

    Go in confident and with your smartphone already recording. Be polite and calm.

  • undercover

    I was gonna say, 'who says you can't? If you want to record, record. You don't have to let them know.'

    But then I read nicolaou's comment (and link), and I like it.

  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "...nearly every policy they have is predicated on their utter terror of being sued..."

    You'd think that would have been a factor in their decision to keep child-abuse-related info secret.

  • fokyc

    To make sure there is NO true record of what really goes on in a JC.

    The Watchtower org fears any one finding out what actually happens in these kangaroo courts.

    The elders at my JC and my appeal LIED their socks off! AND they are still lying now some years after the event. Some dozen elders and a CO all lied!

  • stuckinarut2

    I agree with nicolaou's comment above.

    When I was railroaded into a sham of a meeting behind locked doors in the back room, I objected and said "I'd like to bring someone else in please"

    When they denied that, I simply said "well, you won't mind me recording this then" as I started my smartphone app.

    They told me I couldn't record it, and I simply replied "well, that's inappropriate for you to dictate. I will record it, and I trust that it will serve to put all of us on notice to behave in a respectful manner"

    The circuit overseer in the room said "I don't give you permission to record it!"

    To which I said "well, you have dragged me in here under false pretenses, and have acted like bullies...so I WILL be recording it. It's up to you whether you wish to proceed or not"

  • nicolaou
    "I WILL be recording it. It's up to you whether you wish to proceed or not"


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Because it a kangaroo court and they don't want it taped because they are a cult and these things work to their advantage legally and because they engage in criminal behavior in some of these trials acting as thugs over one of their members.and don't want it recorded.

  • aboveusonlysky

    One of the reasons is mystical manipulation, most jdubs when questioned about shunning will tell you nobody who is repentant is ever df'd, and the elders only do it as a last resort after trying all they can to lead the sinner to repentance.

    They have to believe that because it's the only way in their minds to justify such a cruel punishment.

    Recordings of jc's would prove beyond a doubt that none of that is true and what an awful arrangement it actually is.

    Well done stuckinarut, I applaud you.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    My JC was 15 + years ago I was asked if i had any recording devices and refused my lawyer to attend and I asked them why all this secrecy and they stupidly responded it was for my protection. I called them on that bull shit and told them flat out that this was a kangaroo court and they know it.

    They pissed their pants when I was at a meeting about 6 months latter and called the cops and had me arrested for disturbing a religious meeting. My presents really disturbed them as I did not respect them and wasn't afraid to show it.

    I think in time this secrecy thing will bite them in the ass hard in court of law in many civil cases against them and destroying records ain't gonna win them any victories either if their notes of the meetings are forged or destroyed.

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