What is funny, is they just don't get it!

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  • gcc2k

    Sprocket, I'm sorry for your loss, on both levels.

    Perhaps if you son knows why you left, and that it wasn't because of some action but because of your beliefs, he might be willing to listen. Offer him the chance to show you the light, to refute your beliefs, and perhaps he will take you up and come across some new light himself. Of course, fear may prevent him from doing this - a close friend once told me "I don't want to hear this, stop." when I tried sharing the issues I was personally concerned with.

  • Lutece

    I'm sorry to hear about this and your pain. F*cking screwy religion! We'll be your family, I could use a sane parent in my life these days. :)

  • jgnat
    I give you a new law: Have love one for another; even as I have had love for you, so are you to have love one for another. By this it will be clear to all men that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another. John 13:34-35 (BBE)

    The kicker is, I have seen the WT explain away this scripture by putting emphasis on “one for another”. Apparently their love debt is paid within the KH. No need to show love “outside”. The WT conveniently ignores the story of another man who tried to qualify love (Luke 10:27-29). Who is my neighbour? Answer, everybody!

    But be loving to those who are against you and do them good, and give them your money, not giving up hope, and your reward will be great and you will be the sons of the Most High: for he is kind to evil men, and to those who have hard hearts. (Luke 6:35 BBE)
  • BluesBrother

    Sad sad story about a deluded son who will come to regret it one day.. My sadness for Sprocket.

    Recently my wifes friend was suddenly ill in a town some way away. The friends daughter is d/f . I was pleased to see that daughter was in touch with a "sister" in local cong and liasing help for her mum. Perhaps some are a little more enlighted.

  • Sprocket

    Just got back from a business trip and was anxious to get back to read your comments.

    Thank you to those that responded to my thread with such kind, thoughtful and sincere words. I get so busy sometimes, but I always like to come back here to read the comments and experiences of all of you, and the others that attend this forum. I am still amazed how many people have gone through, and do go through what I am experiencing. I must honestly say that, why would anyone want to return to their so-called truth when you are treated that way? And more imortantly, when in places like this, you have real love and true friends.

    Thanks kindly!


  • Sunnygal41

    Sprocket, you said: "I must honestly say that, why would anyone want to return to their so-called truth when you are treated that way?"

    I remember my mom telling me that the presiding overseer, who was a friend for many years, and for whom I worked for 16 years, told her not to talk to me because "how will she ever learn what she did was wrong?" Well, PHHHHTTTTT to that! First of all, what I did was not wrong for me. Second of all, going back to what you said, that is exactly the wrong thing to do to try to make me "heel". I would rebel on sheer principle. My mom has not given up hope yet. It has been over three years, and she asked me if I'd gone to the memorial this year. I said, no. She then said: "you'll feel better if you go." I said, "I am feeling better emotionally, and mentally than I have for years. I feel crappy because I've put 70 lbs on!" I need to lose weight, not go back to the concentration camp! LOL!

    Yours in rebellious abandon......


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