Television shows that you could not watch.

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  • shamus

    Stealing someone elses thread about music....

    What were some of the television shows that you thought were just too horrible to think of watching, or were conseled on watching?

    I got reamed out for watching THE SIMPSONS. I just laughed at the MS who freaked on me.

  • Stephanus

    I was told Scooby Doo Where Are You? was off limits for a lot of Dub kids. If anyone had told me that, they'd have been in for a real arse-kicking!

  • teenyuck

    Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie....all that bad stuff with wiggling noses and hips...

  • shamus


    What was up with the Smurfs? Anybody ever hear about that? I remember that old wise tale where Smurfs walked down the Kingdom Aisle, because the Demons got in them. When I heard that story, I laughed so hard at the person (they were being SERIOUS! ), and said that anybody who believed that is just plain nuts.

    I mean, can you get any more stupid????

    Sorry for posting so much - I hear your comments, then am reminded of the stupid things I have heard over the years.

  • crinklestein

    Our hall was told not to watch Friends and Seinfeld because they both displayed people of loose behavior living together and having sex with each other. I was roomates with an MS for a little while (he was a freakin studdering spaz) but he would "council" me on watching R rated movies and then he would go watch a football game. I reasoned with him about the violence of a football game and the idolizing of its players is wrong and he said "it's a matter of conscience and I have deemed it ok for me to watch."

    So I told him that I have deemed these R rated movies ok for ME to watch based on MY conscience and to mind his own damn business from now on.

  • freedom96

    I was not allowed to watch "The Facts of Life". As we all know, there was nothing wrong with that show. But the title alone made it not good to watch.

  • Soledad

    that whole Smurfs scare way back then was over the top. Not only could I not watch it, but I couldnt own any smurf dolls or any kind of smurf item, not even those silly little stickers that kids sometimes put on their notebooks. I remember when I was about 7 a smurfs tv special came on and I put a pillowcase over my head to keep from watching it. amazing the everlasting impression the WTS leaves on little kids.

  • minimus

    My aunt did not allow her son to watch the 3 Stooges because it was too violent.

  • shamus
  • ikhandi

    R rated movies were off limits to me, especially those that had lots of sex and violence. I dream of jennie and bewitched was never watched in my house, because my mom feared it would invite demons into our home. I also recalling her tearing my favorite t-shirts to shreds because they had pictures of unicorns on them, I was about 8 at the time and very teary eyed. Today I buy all unicorn figurines I can get my hands on. I still luv em.

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