Do Jehovah`s Witnesses lie to receive Government benefits ?

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ sir82 - In the UK there is a benefit called Personal Independence Payment. (formerly called Disability Living Allowance) The T&C's of this benefit were dramatically changed in recent years due to abuses and fraud, resulting in very many individuals wrongly losing it and unknown numbers committing suicide.

    To qualify for the payment, a person has to complete a 38 page questionnaire, provide doctor/specialist verification of the disability, and then attend a medical examination by a "health professional" from a private company - whose remit is to confirm/disprove the claimant's statements regarding the disability.

    If a person is awarded the benefit, they can either take a cash payment every 4 weeks or join what is called the MOTABILITY scheme which allows them to use the money as payment for the lease of a car for 3 years. As such, the term "free car" is a misnomer.

    Depending on which model/make of car is selected, an initial deposit may be required.

    I personally know of JW's who have falsely claimed this benefit in the past. Whether they still qualify since the rules were tightened, IDK.

  • Done

    I know a brother in my old hall - started working at the same place I was working at as a 2nd job. (my 2nd job, extra income - his only job). Lost his house because he would turn down the work, it was a lot of last minute on call work. They'd call and say can you work tomorrow.

    He started renting a cheaper place, kept turning down work, couldn't pay the bills. All the while I'm getting 30 + hours a week out of the same company in addition to my full time job and still making meetings and FS. His excuse was 'when they call, I can't just be ready to go, I got things to do". WTF you don't have a job at all, when they call?!?! bs! You should be waiting in their office so they don't have to call.

    A few weeks later the elders are meeting everyone at the door at meetings explaining there is a 'family in need' and a special box in the back room to donate to help them.

    What does the brother do when he gets his donated help monies?

    Can't make this stuff up. He says, 'well, I haven't been on a vacation on a while, so I'm taking a 4 day weekend and going out of town. I deserve a vacation'

    Not only that he told the elders in the requests for help meeting that the only way anyone could make any money at that job was lying, cheating, and stealing. So, yup elders pull me aside to talk about my choice of jobs. Told them the reason I could earn a living and he couldn't was because I actually work and want to work and walked off

  • stillin

    I totally disagree with the idea that a person has to somehow cheat in order to get ahead. Or be an asshole.

    I have had ones in the congregation urge me to hire illegal immigrants. After all, they are your spiritual brothers. I explain to them that I would have to pay their taxes and social security on my own income. Or that I would be setting myself up for fines and trouble from the IRS. I get blank stares, like as if to say, "so, what's the problem?"

    You can't reason with willful ignorance.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Cheatin' and lyin' are okay as long as you are doing it to "advance kingdom interests". Collecting Unemployment checks or welfare checks so one can 'pioneer' is such a wonderful provision form jehober!

    Once we know what goes on 'behind the curtain' we have to admit that jw's are just as corrupt as any other bunch of people!

    just saying!

  • FedUpJW

    I’m glad I’m not there in my retirement years to have some moron come up to ME with an envelope looking for contributions for them!..I’m sure this is the new normal in JW land and not something I would tolerate.

    I also was able to work hard, save money, invested pretty well, and now can live comfortably at an age when most are still doing the 9 - 5 grind. I am/was frequently tapped for contributions to assist those who are too stupid to save or invest wisely, and too lazy to work. I always tell them to piss off!

  • dozy

    In the 70's , we had quite a few in the congregation (UK) on benefits - many pioneering etc. So much so that the meeting for field service on a Tuesday had the time at 10:30AM instead of 9:30 so that people could "sign on" and get there on time ( in the UK people supposedly looking for work have to turn up once a fortnight at a job centre and sign to show that they were available for work. )

    Nowadays with unemployment so low , the system has changed to "in work" benefits so many JWs just work ( or claim to work ) a nominal 16 hours or so a week ( very easy as a window cleaner , for example ) and claim as many benefits as possible.

    This systematic hypocrisy and fraud which the Society turned a blind eye to always annoyed my father , who was a hard working honest man , and he brought it up at an elders meeting with the CO once , to be told in no uncertain terms that it wasn't any of his business.

  • LongHairGal

    FED UP JW:

    While everybody agrees that the JWs are lazy and looking for something for nothing and hoping to benefit because somebody ELSE has a job - I doubt very much if anybody on this thread was viewed and treated as badly as I was.

    I was a single working woman and I was treated worse than anybody else because there is a double standard there which implied that I WAS supposed to pursue poverty. If a brother had a full time job that was okay - but it wasn’t okay if I did. Thankfully, I had the strength of character to resist their bullshit and also my street ‘smarts’ of not being raised a JW.

    I also saw that many of the elderly came into the religion after they earned their living and had a pension and benefits under their belt. So..How the hell did this shit come about of preaching poverty to the young???

    I mean it sincerely when I say I’m glad to not be around Witnesses anymore and I wouldn’t so much as give a dime to any of them no matter how needy! All the idiots who criticized me as “unspiritual” and were only on the fringes of the workforce if at all - and now have to scrape by can go fly a kite..,I’m not interested in any of them.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Lie? Not directly.

    Manipulate? Why of course good man. We as JW's are trained manipulators! Can you imagine if our first Bible study (on the 3rd RV when it "counts as one") dove into 8 human men in Warwick are the faithful and discreet slave, 1914 Jesus returned invisibly, only 144k JW's go to heaven, only JW's are truly saved, must be 2 witnesses when your kid is raped by someone in the cong, ect....? If we don't manipulate by withholding information to those newly interested...there would be no Bible studies except with our children.

    I simply couldn't count the number of brothers several years ago who all but started a class on how to set up a US S-corp, pay yourself as an employee just below the SSI household maximum which qualifies all in the family for:

    >FREE low income medicaid which covers medical, dental, Rx, and vision for $1-3 copay's if not free. No monthly premiums, no co insurance, no deductible, nada.

    >FREE "OBAMA" phone, cell phone and service.

    >FREE food stamps. Family of six would receive $987 per month

    >FREE medical supplies

    >FREE gym membership

    It feels so good to be an actual paying member of society again. >S

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