Do Jehovah`s Witnesses lie to receive Government benefits ?

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  • HappyDad

    In the early to mid 1980's when the steel mills were closing down in the Pittsburgh area, one "brother?" in the congregation wouldn't take any of the retraining the companies offered. Instead, he went on welfare after all of his benefits ran out. He had 4 kids and got money and food stamps like you wouldn't believe. On the other hand, some other "brothers?" like my self, took part time jobs as janitors even if it lowered our weekly unemployment benefits. That way, because you were still paying into the system, our unemployment checks were extended up to another 6 months to a year. This lazy idiot wound up getting a job with the postal service as a deliveryman. What pissed me off was the fact that he got a great job with great benefits and a lot of us continued to struggle making a living. There might have not been cheating on his part, but some lazy JW's get breaks that industrious ones don't. So glad I'm not part of the cult anymore!

    Edited to say: I just remembered something about this kook. He once said that all dogs were demonized and that he wouldn't eat turkey because satan is behind turkeys and Thanksgiving. He went on to become an elder after I resigned as in elder in 1991 or 1992.

  • freddo

    Round my way we had a couple who bumped out 5 kids in ten years. So she has her hands full and if he works a low wage job then their benefits would get reduced.

    So a jw elder, self employed builder would use him as a labourer and instead of paying him he would buy his food shopping each week.

    So the family got all their benefits and all their food shopping paid for.

    JW elder got cheap labour.

    Clever little scam.

  • Splash

    A retired MS and his occasional pioneering wife get a brand new car off the government every three years because she isn't able to walk 100 metres on her own so is classed as disabled.

    When she pioneers she does so on foot.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get a brand new car every three years for free.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I don't like to get into anyone else business, but if I personally knew of anyone taking benefits they weren't entitled to, I'd turn them in in a heartbeat. Especially if they were doing so in order to pioneer. That way, I could not only help get someone who didn't deserve it off the dole, but could hope to bring reproach on the J-dog's name at the same time by making it known what they were doing.

  • sir82

    A retired MS and his occasional pioneering wife get a brand new car off the government every three years

    because she isn't able to walk 100 metres on her own so is classed as disabled.


    What country is that?

  • waton

    there are whole industries in operation with legal and medical branches that specialize in bilking he governments (taxpayers) out of hard earned cash.

    refugee, asylum industries,

    welfare industries

    disabilities industries

    Unemployment industries.

    Healthcare, Eldercare industries,

    not surprising wt, and it's minions tap into it too.

    I our neck of the woods, jw owners of a house, disability recipients, renting to another elder/pioneer disabled couple had it renovated at taxpayers expense. In an other case a multi millionaire family had a recreation room for their truly disabled son, excavated under their mansion and installed, at some public expense, while really needy go without shelter.

    wt officials traveling with clergy discounts despite affirmation that the society has no clergy class.

    all class acts, not boding well for the promised new system to come.

  • Splash
    sir82 What country is that?

    That's the UK.

  • HiddlesWife

    My family members know a brother who orchestrated a plan for a nephew of an elder from his wife's childhood congregation to: attack him and injure him to extent whereby he is now able to obtain long-term disability benefits (this sheister, according to rumor, told the teenager to kick and punch both of his knees and near his spine)! After a short hospital stay, it was said that he was able to stay the hell home and count auxiliary pioneer hours (via phone witnessing, letter writing plus Facebook postings), resulting in collecting a nice, fat LTD check! Now, how's that for proving that some Jdubs don't want to do a 9-to-5!

  • LongHairGal


    Nice story about that brother who conspired to get himself injured in order to qualify for benefits. You don’t need to tell me this is proof that some JWs don’t want to do a 9 to 5.

    I was well aware of this fact when I was active in the religion and criticized for having a full time job by some Witnesses who I swear would rather have died than do what I did. You would think I was fighting on the front lines in warfare the way these idiots talked.

    If any of these deadbeat Witnesses can’t get through the month today without crying out for ‘help’, I’m glad I’m not there in my retirement years to have some moron come up to ME with an envelope looking for contributions for them!..I’m sure this is the new normal in JW land and not something I would tolerate.

    They’d get a big fat NO from me.

  • LV101

    It doesn't shock me, Hiddles. That saying 'people will do anything to get money' (something like that) is true.

    LHG -- LOLOLOL! We'd have a lot of fun in the same hall w/beggars and the ones against work. If I could go back in time!

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