Do Jehovah`s Witnesses lie to receive Government benefits ?

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  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses do not respect the ,Governments of any nation from my experience with "witnesses" over 33 years as a card carrying member. the governments are to be exploited taking advantage of all the provisions Govt`s, hand out to their citizens.After all the Govts, are under the control of Satan the Devil ,he is the ruler of this world and is at enmity with GOD.

    So they feel justified in practicing deception as they the Gov`ts. being opposer`s of truth have no right to know the real truth.

    I personally knew of pioneers who had no intention of finding work but were happy to take unemployment benefits from the Govt. to fund their pioneer activity .

    To do so they would have had to actively mislead the Govt. to keep receiving unemployment benefits.

    And in contrast with all of the above is Rom.13:1-7 that the Governments of this world are the arrangement of God /Jehovah and whoever takes a stand against this arrangement must answer to God /Jehovah

  • zeb

    I knew of jw who of their own free will did short hours and thereby had poor incomes so were entitled to housing funds that were earmarked by govt for 'low-income' people.

    I had neighbors also jw on good income, who some how got a HCC (Health Care Card) which entitled them to shop at the charity store which was created for the poor or people out of work.

  • Phoebe

    I know people that have used the benefit system here in the U.K. to pioneer and when someone questioned an elder about that he said it was okay as long as they were also looking for work (they weren’t)

    I also know of brothers who did work for people, refused payment or charged very little because they didn’t want their benefits affected, the customer would then feel bad and give them money or extra money which the brother would now see as a ‘gift’ and hence no need to declare it for tax. It was quite a scam but they always got away with it.

  • zeb

    Dear Phoebe,

    once again the legalistic mind of the jw is shown.

    I recall a brother saying they once believed that to get on a bus/train and not pay the fare was the same as the Israelite leaving Egypt ie robbing the Egyptians. ???

    As others have said you cant make this stuff up.

  • LV101

    YES --- I was gobsmacked re/their entitlement attitude toward the government and hardworking taxpayers.

    I was told by a very good source that practically everyone in their old congregation (midwest) was receiving government handouts -- many claimed they were disabled to collect checks thus enabling them time to pioneer and be prominent in the congregation. That's bad enough but more faked being crazy, suffered anxiety, severe mental disorders for qualifiy for pay. Unreal. They'll do anything to move up the cult echelon for status.

    What a pathetic, legal, religious, cult.

  • DesirousOfChange


    No need to elaborate. They are just like everyone else when it comes to "playing the system".

  • blondie

    Officially, in writing, the WTS says taxes should be paid citing the scripture that says "pay Caesar's things to Caesar." The Jews then were under Roman rule and felt it was not proper to pay tax to Caesar. Unofficially, some jws try to skirt the law, hide what they are (jws), Not everyone plays the system. We saw a "brother" working on a KH hall build that was collecting Social Security disability funds which he said he qualified for because he could not work in construction as he had before. We pointed that out to the "PO" and said that the congregation was being complicit in the fraud. They did ask him to go home only because it had come out into the open. jws lie to their god many times thinking he does not see them, "Jehovah has left the land and he is not seeing." Why not non-jws?

  • EverApostate

    I too know a few brothers and sisters who were deliberatley "Pioneeering" , taking Unemployement benefits as well Disablity benefits, even though they were more healthier than me

  • sir82

    Most JWs would have no compunction about lying to those they feel "do not deserve to know the truth".

    Who are those who "do not deserve to know the truth"?

    The 99.9% of the world's population who are not JWs, those are "lying in the power of the wicked one".

    In doing so, the follow the long history of the WTS / GB doing the same.

    So, yeah - lie to receive government benefits so you can pioneer more easily? Sure, why not? Jehovah will destroy those governments "soon" anyway.

  • waton

    All this freeloading is justified with the reasoning that the creator (their adopted god, like everyone's claim) has provided the governments with all and everything, allowed them to exist, entitles them to fleece them, any way possible.

    Of course by their vow, the sheep have agreed to be fleeced. so,

    let the benefits flow!

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