Evolution Gap - Where's the Fur?

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  • Knowsnothing

    Shadow, the same argument would apply to special creation. Why didn't Jehovah create us with fur if it offers us advantages?

    And if God did design us why didn't he, for example, design us with the ability to produce vitamin c?

  • shepherdless
    Ruby: it kinda sounds that the snake that is able to roll with the dice is the one that is the fittest - but wait doesn't this involve chance more than anything else?

    Betting at a casino always involves chance. Yet the "house" always wins in the long run.

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    In which case I'd say entropy is the house--you need it to have a venue in which to play, but in the end it always wins.

  • cofty
    this is where natural selection starts to become a little strained and starts to resemble a deus di machina.

    Made up word or phrase alert!

    those snakes trying to copulate look suspiciously like genetic draft

    Made up word or phrase alert!

    that should read deus eks machina

    Made up word or phrase alert!

    but my point re genetic piggy backing stands

    Made up word or phrase alert!

    Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

    Do you, do you, do you, do you

    Know what you're doing, doing, to me

    Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

  • slimboyfat

    Stop using typos as an escape goat.

  • cofty

    jacobm - Lots of people are trying to tell you how much you have misunderstood natural selection.

    Please listen to them and read some basic textbooks.

    The following two posts might help you get started and clear up some misunderstandings. Especially the second one.

    Evolution is a Fact #27 Monkeys, Typewriters, Shakespeare, 747s etc...

    Evolution is a Fact #28 Something Darwin Didn't Say...

  • Simon

    With natural selection, we're not deciding which thing *will* win, we have the results and know which one *did* win. So the race of the 1,000 snakes has already happened - there is no ordering them first, only after. Just like the winners in the Olympics are decided by who crosses the line first, not who the favourite is - but chances are the favourites (those best suited to the event) are most likely to win ... unless you make Michael Phelps compete in a different environment that he's less well suited for.

    The question is about why a particular species survived and thrived and how it adapted and why some didn't. We see it today as species struggle due to climate change (even in the UK, certain songbirds are getting out of sync with the bugs they feed on for instance).

    The environment changes and what was once a winning species suddenly struggles and somethings else adapts better to fill the gap.

  • cofty
    Stop using typos as an escape goat. - SBF

    What on earth is an escape goat?

    They are not just typos they are utter unmitigated nonsense in the context. Once we correct the spelling it's still not even wrong.

  • slimboyfat

    My chemistry teacher often told me my answers were "not even wrong".

    He also said I was brilliant at times, and that he found my work erratic.

    We reported him to the deputy head teacher because we didn't realise the difference between erratic and erotic.

    That was before my English teacher expanded our wordhoard by reading poems by Seamus Heaney. Another word for which I later learned is lexis.

    As you go on you find all knowledge is part of a nexus.

  • slimboyfat

    An escape goat is a mistaken form of the term scapegoat, which was made popular by Jade Goody. (Used ironically since your post castigated typos)

    Much better than the original and to be preferred in my view.

    It's also going to be the title of my autobiographical account of leaving JWs:

    Escape Goat: How I Broke Out Of The JWs And Why They Blamed Me For It!

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