Ukraine - Nato - US crisis

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  • pistolpete

    Seems to me that the West/Biden is engaged in a poking of the Russian bear almost to provoke a reaction. Let's not forget that some years ago the West invaded Iraq on the basis of intelligence reports of Weapons of Mass Destruction,

    Biden and his administration and the military complex want a war. Not just a regular war but a war with Nuclear weapons. This would allow those individuals who want to control the oil pipe line to take control. Also it would open many gates for making money for the elites.

    Senator Wicker already said the the USA should use Nuclear weapons against Russia and many of both Democrats and Republicans have agreed that the USA should strike first with Nukes so as not to allow Russia to shoot their Nukes.

    China has said if USA strikes Russia with Nukes, it will strike the USA with Nukes to avoid being nuked by America.

  • Rivergang
  • waton

    rt is slowly heating up the subtle rhetoric

    yesterday it was that all regions east of the dnepr yarn to rejoin the russian regional dominance, today it is that the people of the donbass fear an imminent Ukrainian attack, invasion (perhaps directed at the crimea near, behind them)


  • mikeflood

    Kind of weird but the mass media seems to be changing its mind about the crisis since like a couple of days ago.

    CNN has said "A Russia attack in Ukraine could impact the US" and today "Russia Ukraine crisis could impact the cost of living in the US". I think the Kremlin complaint about the Western hysteria about three days ago is showing results....

  • fulltimestudent

    I read a Web version of the Asia Times every day. The Asia Times is a Hongkong based internet news source, owned by a group headed by David Goldman, a former New York financier (and a US citizen, who claims he voted for Trump in the election before last),

    In an article by Goldman, the following statement, "Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky’s remark February 14 that Russia would attack his country on the 16th of February sent stock markets tumbling before a senior aide qualified the statement as a joke."

    Which says a lot about western reactions to the whole episode.

    It is, I'm guessing an indication of the gut fears of the Anglo sphere, that they are losing their 2+ century position as Boss of the world.

    If you wish to read Goldman's comments, here's the link for the article titled:

    The market’s Russia reaction is overdone, no joke.

  • waton

    russia seems have issued some kind of an ultimatum about the status of the now freed nations in its periphery.

    it moved today to recognize 2 new republics in the Ukrainian territory adjacent to the annexed crimea.

    i see a replay of the games that were played when I was 8, and then it was too late. for millions.

  • mikeflood

    Now that I think there is a big risk,....what would happen if some NATO country start to supply Ukraine with a lot of weapons, like some European countries anounced today?

    What if Poland for example attack the Russians? Poland is a NATO country. Europe presume like they are the most civilized continent, but it was the place when the horrors of the two World Wars started. The Spanish civil war was extremely ferocious too

    They have almost tribal antagonisms buried within them, they have been fighting each other for centuries, and is a really bad idea get involved in that muddy mess

  • mikeflood

    By the way, Simon, could this thread renamed "Russia-Ukraine-Nato-US crisis" thks.

  • WokenfromJWcult

    need to push this putin back to the ice age which would require a few nukes, then lean back and see who is left. Im sure Jokehova i s vanished so who else is there .

  • mikeflood
    mikeflood in the news today..."Biden warns of nuclear Armageddon threat from Putin" long you guys think this conflict is gonna last?

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