Abandoned literature carts, maybe the end of them?

by sp74bb 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • StarTrekAngel

    Who is the model on the banner to the left of the picture? I know it says Rochas. Wondering if that is actually Coco Rocha, the JW fashion model

  • alanv

    They really are a joke. I often go by them in my town, and have not seen one person show the slightest bit of interest. In UK there is an average of 3 carts per congregation. There was a total figure somewhere that Watchtower published for the Uk. Most times the witnesses just sit or stand around chatting together. Wish I had had them when I regular pioneered 40 years ago lol

  • skin

    I dont believe they are abandoned, to neat and tidy. Its a very common practice to stand or sit some distance away while observing the carts. If you went to that same location later that same day, most likely they would have moved on and carts gone. JWs view these carts as a very important treasure from God, so will not be abandoning them on their assignment.

  • ttdtt

    Yes not abandoned - you can see the 2 sisters near the newsstand.

  • Finkelstein

    The carts in the OP picture are probably not abandon but the JWS are in coffee shop nearby keeping an occasional peek on them.

    They do that.

    Booking easy hours is the reason most JWS like the street carts.

  • Giordano

    This reminds me of an old JW joke.

    A young man knocks on the door, and is invited to step inside by the house holder. After a bit of silence the man asks the JW "well what did you want to share with me?"

    A long long Pause..........

    Finally the JW speaks "I don't know.....I've never gotten this far."

  • redvip2000

    and by the way...

    Why the hell do you need two carts? I mean really?

    so stupid. They will both be full at the end of the day anyway.

  • TheWonderofYou

    It is possible that the two persons at the end of the sign are the publishers, they have been instructed to stand away from the carts; not to scare away the interested people with their presence

    Thats new for me, I always see the carts together with guys, perhaps I am at the wrong moment. Why should a nice smiling person scare somebody? Thats absolut stupid thinking. Have we come so far that a nice person and smile of a human is less worth in gods eyes than a piece of literature?

  • ShirleyW

    It appears that way at some of the carts I see in the subway stations here in NYC, they set them up, then go find a bench to sit down and gossip away the rest of the afternoon, so easy to count time now, they should bring the 100 hours a month, just set up the cart, sit down and verbally tear apart the others in the Congregation and get your time in at the same time!

  • Athanasius

    I often see the JWs with their literature trolleys at our local shopping centre. Usually they set up two trolleys about 30 or 40 feet distance from each other. However, instead of one or two JWs attending each trolley, here they always have three JWs minding a trolley.

    Why the local JWs here feel they need three persons at each trolley is strange, as hardly anyone pays attention to them. On occasion if I have some time to kill, I'll stop and chat with the JWs. Surprisingly one older JW lady admitted that business was slow.

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