Real Prophecy vs. Watchtower Prophecies

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  • Vidiot

    jookbeard - "...maybe our condemnation to an eternity in hell fire saddens him."

    Yeah, call a shrink; he's a broken man.


    Say, you ever notice that whenever a fundy gives the parting shot "I'll pray for you", it always manages to sound like "go f**k yourself"...? :smirk:

  • BluesBrother

    Thanks for an interesting thread Perry . I enjoyed reading your work even if I do not necessarily agree with your conclusions

    I just see nothing Godly about the modern political state of Israel........

  • WatchtowerReviewz
    the majority of members on this forum have all but given up on God. Sad to say but true.

    I take it you mean that they've given up on your specific brand of God? I don't think it's sad to give up on something that most likely never existed in the first place.

    Most of the ExJWs I've met are agnostic when it comes to the question of "Gods" existence. We do not claim to know whether a god/gods does or does not exist. Most of us live our lives as atheists, which is to operate under the assumption that there is no supernatural being. However, if evidence of such a supernatural being were to become available, I think most reasonable people would be willing to accept it.

    In the case of the Judeo/Christian belief systems all we have are writings filled with bronze age Palestinian superstition and ignorance.

  • kaik

    How does your interpretation of the passage in Isaiah differ from the Jewish interpretation? How could somebody decide which is correct?

    I could ask my Jewish M-I-L for her explanation, but again, what has human activity common with some so-called miracle? Israel has one of the most educated population in the world, which could figure out how to minimize impact of ancient deforestation. They were not driven by any divine order, but necessities. It is not the only country in the world that has been doing the same. Austrian empire already implemented a large scale forestation program in 1840's onward, because many areas started to experience desertification like in the Viennese basin after they drained most of the lakes for sugar beets. Again, Israel climate is still in danger with increasing temperature in ME and there is so much they can do with climate. Micro-climate will not save them in the long run if ME and Levant will continue with rising temperature and drop of rainfall. Nonetheless, due plate tectonic, much area will be uplifted in couple million years, Mediterranean sea will disappear, while Red Sea will become ocean.

    Evangelicals are looking for signs, even places where they common sense will dictate otherwise.

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