What are the biggest holes in evolution?

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  • prologos

    Mephis, thanks for the link. will read later. : "--vanishes into an infinity of successively more powerful gods. " No, my argument is: there is no need for a succession, turtles down or "gods" up. What my thoughts were is, that there is no question about the success of the evolution process, but there is the hole of it's origin, possibly leading past the beginning into the pre-big-bang era. Penrose-style perhaps.

    PS: The propensity of matter, that, following the laws it observes, to generate, and preserve changes that lead to such elegant life forms, would merit a Nobel, or two, if achieved, or replicated by humans.

  • Mephis
    Oh true enough, but evolution doesn't really set out to address ultimate origins of the universe and beyond where our science is no longer relevant. But in this universe, complex systems can arise from fairly simple interactions (cheesy example - the weather) so evolution itself holds up. Hawking's an interesting read, but there are other theories [edit: just clarifying for others here] and it's been a while since I did more than just browse headlines on what is the latest consensus on this. It's just one way to try and get beyond causality. I find it hard to do that, I think the human mind is wired to try and find cause for the effect. Agree with you that it's turtles all the way down at some point in a 4 dimensional universe otherwise.
  • Fisherman
    wilful ignorance cofty

    You" know 100%" -that is what a fact is. On the other hand you know more than the apparent "overwhelming evidence" (not 100 percent) that lead to one conclusion -that the only logical conclusion is that evolution is a fact. Unless, that is, if evolution does not turn out to be the case. In that case you will need to redefine the word fact to mean that a fact is not always true. On the other hand if evolution turns out be be a striking fact that in itself would not invalidate the existence of the Almighty yet it would challenge how the Bible is interpreted pertaining to the mechanism God used to create life. I know 100 percent for a fact that God exists. I do not need faith to believe that God is a reality same as I do not need faith to know that the constant of gravity is about 32 feet per second squared. I know, I took the measurement ( here on the planet earth ) as it is also a fact that the earth is a sphere.

    Suppose an unknown cloned person took a paternity test? It would be axiomatic that a man had intercourse with a woman to produce the unknown clone, and what would the paternity test prove? For cofty it would prove 100 percent that a man and a woman had intercourse to apparently produce the clone (unknown to him that the clone was cloned without cofty knowing all of the facts.) Let alone any genetic test, it is axiomatic that every non original living organism is the result of biological reproduction -apparently- so it seems universally to everyone not knowing all of the facts. What is the mechanism of creation? Apparently, the mechanism that produced all living species even humanity is evolution. Cofty knows this 100 percent.
  • Qcmbr

    Evolution is not a debate about magic. It poses no challenge to a supernatural world except where the supernatural is the explanation for observed material things. Old magical stories about undying gardens , immortals, supernatural fruit and talking animals did once provide an explanation for observed life. More importantly, from a social aspect, they provided a story to satiate the curiosity of mankind. They just don't fit the evidence and once that has been collated, collected and compared it is clear that another more mechanical process is at work. Evolution challenges the mythical creation stories from the human past.

    If an individual wishes to look for holes in evolution in order to promote a bronze age myth then they are clearly foolish. If an individual wishes to expose incorrect parts of current models regarding evolutionary processes for the furtherment of human knowledge then the tools, means and methods are available via science, education and practical experimentation and discovery; they are a welcome member of the global human effort to better understand our world.

    Evolution is the elegant and simple realisation that whenever a self-replicating structure employs an imperfect copy process change is inevitable. The elegance of that simple idea is that it explains the observed bio-diversity of life - a self-replicating structure - not only in the present but also as evidenced by the historical record (the ancestral record as displayed by fossils.) The strength of the answer is in its 100% agreement with every single avenue of testing and exploration from the microscopic genetic level through to the bio-mechanical shared body plans of mammals.

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