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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Put a Christmas Tree in your front window and see how long you last!


  • scratchme1010

    You guys do know that if you just leave and never go back you wont be disfellowshiped right? I know people who have done exactly this. You have to commit a sin and you or someone else has to tell a elder.

    And your point is... if you read a little of what people post, that's not exactly news.

  • oppostate
    You have to commit a sin and you or someone else has to tell a elder.

    Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! You really crack me up. Is it a sin to not believe that the FDS is the Governing Body?

    If so then all previous JW's to the "new light" should have been considered sinners for apostate thinking.

    I think it is a worse sin (than many that will get you DF'ed and shunned)
    to put your faith on what a few fickle pharisaical frumps in New York tell you to believe and lead your life by.

    Yes, the real sin is you, ABeliever, are defending these never-right nincompoop nutters.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I think you are missing the point in your own post. You can't ever really leave , because someone else will report you to the elders for a sin. Even though the things Jehivahs Witnesses consider sinful are not. They don't understand - it's not for them to decide what is right for anyone else.

    I did fade by moving thousands of miles away from home. Then no one knows who you are, so they can't stalk you. I have family members who weren't so lucky. After years of not attending meetings, they were stalked by elders trying to find something on them to disfellowship them. Please stop trying the feign being naïve, we all know how Jehovahs Witnesses work. Go try to fool some vulnerable "worldly" person who doesn't know any better.

  • JW_Rogue
    And if you believe the JW aren't right why not just talk to you're family privately about it.

    There is no privacy in this org, your family would probably think they are helping you by telling the Elders. That way you can be "encouraged" to come back to your senses.

  • Spoletta

    So, the only way to guarantee you won't be disfellowshipped and shunned by your friends and family, is to move far away and break off contact with your friends and family. It's so simple!

  • pale.emperor

    And if you think it's ok to just leave when you want and go your merry way and not expect any reprisals, take a look at an S77 form:

    This is the form the elders fill in about you if you get disfellowshipped or disassociate... disassociated ones are treated exactly the same as disfellowshipped ones. Joining another religion, accepting a blood transfusion or joining the army are all they need you to do in order to declared you disassociated. It's check mate my friend.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I get the feeling you're just like i was when my husband & I started studying, and we just bought all the flattery and love-bombing and lovely attention and long talks.

    We wanted so much to believe this was the Truth From God. So we made excuses for little things that should have warned us. People mentioned a book written by a former executive of the Watchtower Society that we should read before committing to this way-out religion. But we laughed it all off, convinced that we were infallible judges of character and these people had lots of character! We couldn't imagine not joining this fabulous outfit!

    Well, listen: The Watchtower Corporation absolutely knows how to hook people's minds and control their entire life. We thought we were so intelligent, but by the time we left we knew we were just as gullible as three year olds. They know what people want and they will absolutely hook you in, and your life will be spent trying to please the other members, the elders, the bosses that come in and say everyone needs to work harder, give more, relax less, put aside your own life more more more. You will never be told that you're doing well. UNLESS you are in a position to contribute large amounts of money. Then you will be the toast of the town.

    Bottom line is, in spite of all the talk of unity worldwide, these elders get together and decide whatever they like, when it comes to disfellowshipping - you think you are getting a for-sure guaranteed blueprint of what they Will do and Won't do - they will show you all about how they have procedures that they go by and never vary from - but they don't have to stick to that!

    You need to read many more experiences before you just give yourself over to the pleasant conviction that the really and truly Creator has revealed Himself to you and wants you to join His earthly organization and Serve Him and then you will live Forever, amen.

    It isn't true, I'm sorry but that whole deal is bogus.

  • carla

    I suggest you read all the shunning stories here and elsewhere and how many families have been destroyed by this evil cult.

    You are not being told the truth by the jw's. Remember, you are not baptized yet therefore you are not worthy of the truth, no non-jw is worthy of the real truth if doesn't suit their agenda.

    Can you really believe that all these shunning stories from around the world are made up and lies by so called apostates?

  • Lynnie

    It depends on who you are if you can just leave or not. my cousin told me that you could leave JW's at anytime so I believed her. It worked for her only because her mother was a big contributor $$ wise and I'm sure they didn't want to stop the cash flow. I tried to do the same thing and had elders stalking me 2 years later until they could finally get something on me. I just wanted to be left alone! So now 40 years later she's "inactive" and has a normal relationship with her elder brother and his wife. Me? Well I've been actively shunned for 40 years. No normal family Iife like she has. In fact the non JW's kids of hers are welcomed openly in their house like they are JW's . They will never be but it's better to never be a JW than to be kicked out and shunned for your whole adult life.

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