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  • schnell
    The failed prophecie that was a unfortunate error, but the org doesn't hide it said that. They mentioned it at an assembly a couple years back.

    So, like false prophecies from a false prophet doesn't bother you at all?

  • schnell
    You guys do know that if you just leave and never go back you wont be disfellowshiped right?

    *said to a community of faded, disassociated, disfellowshipped, inactive and awake JWs, many of whom have been out for years or decades*

    Your tone seems a bit braver and bolder, Believer, even in the face of that lie you told about only going to meetings for a few weeks. You drinking? If you are, happy holidays. :)

  • sparrowdown

    I do know you do not have to be disfellowshipped to be shunned.

    Why are you attempting to school us in the dark art of disfellowshiping anyway?

  • A Believer
  • schnell

    Yeah, no, Deuteronomy 18:20-22 kthx.

  • krismalone

    A believer,

    The elder book says that even speaking in private to your loved ones about the lies & corruption of the GB can get you disfellowshipped for "causing divisions". Even the Proclaimers book p. 628 states that anyone speaking against the Organization (even though the facts prove it's true) will be DF'd.

    The GB brags about fighting for religious freedom (over 50 cases in US Supreme Court) but the irony is that they DENY THAT SAME freedom to their members. The rank & file are OBLIGATED to believe and spread the ridiculous, irrational, flip flopping, false prophecies of the Organization.

    See "Walsh Trial 1954" where the WT leaders testified in court (transcripts available online) where Fred Franz and Hayden Convington had to admit that the Witnesses are OBLIGATED to accept the interpretations of the GB even though that means accepting and spreading FALSE PROPHECIES. If anyone verbally expresses a different opinion than what the GB came up with for that week, then they will be disfellowshipped for "causing divisions".

    It's funny how they like to talk about how people in the Catholic Church or other denomination became Witnesses and left their church because of hypocrisy. But the second that a Witness expresses his concern or dissappointment with the Organization and the GB, they are summoned to a Judicial Committee.

    At the end of the day, the hard truth is that the Governing Body must be obeyed as ruler rather than God. Try telling your elders and circuit overseer that you will obey what the Bible says instead of what the Governing Body says and let us know how that goes for you.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @A Believer: As me and krismalone here have said, the elder book gives many reasons to be disfellowshipped, amongst those are listed staying away from the congregation.

    You have failed so far to rebut the assertion the elder book makes, you can't just ignore evidence presented to you because it doesn't fit your narrative.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You guys do know that if you just leave and never go back you wont be disfellowshiped right? I know people who have done exactly this. You have to commit a sin and you or someone else has to tell a elder.

    Yes they'd have to find out that you committed a sin such as visiting apostate forums and providing information to assist currently attending JW 's to leave the organization without getting caught.

  • brandnew

    Go smoke in public my man 😂😂😂😂😂

  • dubstepped

    What a disingenuous trolling thread. There are so many stories of people disfellowshipped merely for no longer believing because someone told on them. My wife and I were shunned by both of our families for speaking to my disfellowshipped brother, disfellowshipped for living with a girl who he didn't have a relationship with other than giving her and her son a place to live after her boyfriend threw them out.

    So take your beliefs, light them on fire, and gfy with them. You want to start threads about your ridiculous beliefs, go right ahead. You want to start threads poking at trauma suffered by members at the hand of your evil cult, go f $#! yourself.

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