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    DONT FEED THE TROLL !!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    A believer,

    Up until 1989, the GB sold the literature. The publishers would purchase the publications for a specific price (Pioneers would get a discount).The literature servant would collect the money for the publications from the publishers. Now if the publishers wanted to get reimbursed and ask for the contribution from the householder or give it away free that was their business. They could also get the literature by credit and the literature servant would hound them later for the money. The bottom line was that the GB got their money.

    In 1989 the U.S. government sued Jimmy Swaggart for back taxes from his sales of literature. The GB got scared as they knew if Swaggart lost, that would also mean that they would have to pay taxes for all those decades of selling literature. They even filed a document in favor of Swaggart called "friend of the court". This document tells the world they are supporting Swaggart in this case. Since he lost, the GB suddenly tells the Congregations through a letter that they no longer sell the literature but instead give it out free or for a voluntary donation. This way they allow the poor to have access to the truth and they do not appear to be like Christendom. THIS WAS A LIE!! Other countries where the tax issue wasn't a problem.....THEY CONTINUED SELLING THE PUBLICATIONS!!

    This is only one of many lies and scandals that the GB has carried on.

    The GB has caused a lot of needless deaths and suffering through their policies. Such as:

    01. Telling members not to marry and have children (Salvation p.325) How many JW's were affected and suffered because of this? The GB doesn't care nor will they apologize!

    02. Forbidding vaccinations on the false premise that blood was involved. How many JW's died or suffered Polio and other infirmities? GB says WHO CARES! and don't expect an apology.

    03. Forbidding Organ transplants from 1960's through 1980 as "cannibalism". How many JW's died because of this? GB says....just shut up and don't expect an apology.

    04. Forbidding RH factor (blood fraction) for hemophiliacs...How many died because of this policy? GB says ...SHUT THE F**K up and just obey us. Oh and don't expect an apology.

    05. Forbidding alternative military service....Many young men and women were incarcerated because of this only to later have it reversed. If they didn't obey, they would be disfellowshipped and labelled an evil mentally diseased person.

    06. Constant criticism of Higher education....Many JW's are living in poverty and struggling everyday paycheck to paycheck because of this. Those that dare to get higher education are frowned upon and seen with suspicion.

    We also have the Malawi/Mexico double standards of the GB and many many more policies that prove that the GB are delusional, hateful men only worried about protecting their power.

    JW's are slaves of men and those same men allow their love of power and control to continue the scam.

    Jim Jones killed less than 1000....The GB has killed and hurt hundreds of thousands if not millions. Exact amount will never be known due to their secrecy.

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    Oh please, this troll has been allowed to play here and he isn't going to stop because people don't cuss at him, so I might as well say what I want. Makes me feel better. You guys are trying to reason with him. Do you really feel that your earlier remark Brand New wasn't feeding him? Your little dog is barking up the wrong tree here.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    A believer is a hypocrite. He/she thinks can do all the JW things and defend them, but goes completely against the governing body's direction and comments on this apostate web site.

  • _Morpheus

    Sigh..... i appreciate the passion but a moments pause will reveal the real truth:

    'a believer' is here because he is hooked on the real truth. He (or she) shows up and reads whats the the truth about the truth and iHe (or She) has already been touched by it.

    There is no need to be rough with him or her and no need to be offended by his or her attempts to defend. Its nothing more than the initial phase of waking up and sorting through the pain of having suckered into the cult.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    So true!

    He surely knows we are a 'lost cause' to JWdom. From a JW viewpoint, Believer has absolutely no valid reason to read here, let alone post anything here. The only reason he does so is his unconscious need to break free.

    • The 5 stages of grief and loss are:
    • 1. Denial and isolation;
    • 2. Anger;
    • 3. Bargaining;
    • 4. Depression;
    • 5. Acceptance.
    • People who are grieving do not necessarily go through the stages in the same order or experience all of them.
  • freddo

    Let "A believer" post his/her specious nonsense.

    The lurkers read it, get to see the well thought out rebuttals by other posters - often supported by WT's own literature - and make up their own minds ...

  • alcyone

    What A Believer wrote is a good demonstration of WTS tactics to handle criticism. Similar arguments were used by comrade Jackasson during the ARC. They completely ignore what is the criticism about and start to "prove" something that nobody questions.

    When discussing shunning, they argue you can successfully fade and say they know a lot of people who did it. You just need to avoid 'sin'. They ignore the fact nobody says you cannot fade. Nobody says when you fade you will be 100% immediately disfellowshipped. The critics say that when you fade, you are still under the rules and discipline of the organization including their specific definition of 'sin'. For example no one except JWs considers a blood transfusion to be a sin, nevertheless if you had faded and elders learned you took it, you would be DA'd. JW advocates never address this problem and always try to show when you stopped attending meeting you would not be DFd automatically. But nobody says you cannot stop attending meeting.

    What will happen if you vote? This is 'sin' only for JWs...

    If you attend non-JW worship? If elders learn you say to your colleagues you are not a JW? If you celebrate Xmas?

    What if there is 'a new light' prohibiting something done normally in the past? Does the org expect faders to comply?

    There are many questions ignored by JW defenders, they always repeat "But you can stop reporting hours and attending meetings..."

  • honest

    Reasons that get you disfellowshipped with out sinning :

    Joining another church

    Exposing the watchtower Tract society

    Celebrating holidays

    Taking a blood transfusion or donating blood

    Celebrating a birthday

    Disagreeing with Jehovahs witness doctrine

    What I have mentioned above are not sins. I know Jehovahs witnesses will try to tell you its a sin but there is no Biblical proof or truth to it.

    I went to a catholic mass and a Baptist Church and if found out I would be disfellowshipped and shunned. no sin committed......

    You forget To mention that merely resigning or dissasociating yourself gets you shunned. it is the same treatment as a disfellowshipped person. Why do you nitwits encourage people to change to your belief system but then penalise your members of they want to change their belief system?

    Please don't come on here and outright lie. We have exposed your lies.

    We the ones who are shunned have been punished and persecuted against because your evil cult leaders shit themselves when someone disagrees with them.

  • honest

    Out of curiosity A believer what is not true on the site. Can you please elaborate instead of making empty accusations can you back up your claim that has many lies? What are they? And prove it. Thanks

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