Watchtower Study on 5th December.

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I have known congregations to wonder why restrictions last so long on some people. Once here the committee just plain forgot to follow up.

    Waton: divine law enters very seldom. As for ogling, keep your pretty wife off zoom. A sinner can still tune in, as never missing a meeting is a sign of true repentance

  • Abraham1

    WT left Jehovah when they presented Jehovah as answerable to Satan through their most celebrated teaching of Issue of Sovereignty. thus became an abomination in His eyes.

  • smiddy3

    Lost in the fog ,I also have brought up this point in previous posts , that Jehovah never shunned Satan and that Jesus never shunned Satan either , spending time with him and allowing himself to be tempted by Satan ?

    And all Jehovah and Jesus did was cast him out of heaven thousands of years later ?

    And the loving pair Jah and Jesus are, they sent him down here on Earth to cause more havoc for humans ?

    Apparently neither of them have shunned him to this day and if they have, why send him down to earth ? there are plenty other places they could have sent him in the Universe where he couldn`t cause anymore trouble for humans.

  • CJAsher

    My husband and I just woke up three days ago because I was on the brink of suicide… I thought it was ironic that this was the study for the week that I told him we’ve dedicated 16 years to a cult.

    Any advice on how to break the news to our family members?

    I have an aunt and grandparents and husband has mom and sisters

  • punkofnice
    "Think how heartbroken Jehovah must have been when members of his own angelic family turned their back on him!"

    "Think how heartbroken an abused child must have been when members of his own congregation and religion turned their back on them!"

    GB still protecting sexual predators. How can anything they say have any merit? SCUM!

  • Hopeless1

    CJAsher, Welcome !

    Like yourself, many on this website have been suicidal in the past, and no doubt there will be some to reach out to you to offer helpful advice, comfort and encouragement.

    Please tread carefully whatever you do next. You are probably both in a fragile state of mind, and need to find a sense of calm before making decisions that may affect your lives in the long or short time. The reaction from your relatives and ‘friends’ among JWs may be far from helpful at this time. Be clear in your mind about what you hope for in your future.

    You do not mention the adversity that brought you to this situation, if you feel the need to speak about it, please do, if not, then don’t. Do whatever feels comfortable for the present.

    be assured that there are people out here among non and ex-JWS that will do the best they can for you both, just hold on to your sanity and know you are doing the right thing in trying to get help.

    Wishing you both all the best!

  • Abraham1


    "Even casting Satan down to earth" is no comparison to Disfellowship because "earth is the footstool of Jehovah." (Isaiah 66:1; Mathew 5:35)

    And also, since Jesus traced all evil's source to the human's heart (Mark 7:21-23) Satan should be understood figuratively (can't be a literal person) as old Bible Translations (such as KJV) puts "the whole world lieth in wickedness." (1/1JN.5.19.KJV) The same word is used for "bad fruits" (Mathew 7:17) and for eyes that are distracted (Mathew 6:22, 23)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    welcome to the site--CJAsher.

    As mentioned above--just take one step at a time. This site has helped 1000's of JW's over the last 20 years.

    You will find lots of help out there on the net--hers another site worth a look:

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    CJ. Just ease out. They will notice your lack of enthusiasm. A confrontation will galvanize them. Turning in time is problematic. For me, this is a new call. A reply is a RV. Pioneers lie about it.

    A xmas tree, birthdays are another problem if you start

  • carla

    CJAsher, maybe you could use the search tool located in upper right hand corner of site and look up 'fading'?

    welcome to the site and others with more experience will have valuable insight for you. Wishing you well.

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