Watchtower Study on 5th December.

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    The WT study for this week is all about disfellowshipping. In an early paragraph it said "Think how heartbroken Jehovah must have been when members of his own angelic family turned their back on him!"

    However when you think about it, when this happened according to the WT teaching, Jehovah still engaged with Satan in the heavens (Book of Job) and had conversations with him about what was going on in the earth.

    So why do the WT Org practice shunning when Jehovah God obviously didn't?

    Because it's a cult...

  • Chezdale

    You make a good observation. The article only gave one point of view.

    It looked at one aspect. Self centred adherents thrive on this aspect - how it is affecting . ... Me.

    There is no empathy nor Christ like attitude in the “food” dished out here.

    A balanced discussion of this topic of the WT study would include the one who has been stumbled. (In other words, a heretic).

    Heretics don’t get a mention from WT. WT falsely labels heretics as apostates- effectively “cancelling” them.

  • BluesBrother

    They always talk about the one who leaves the “truth “ and his home and family... all too often it is the other way around. A person leaves the .Org. and is shunned by those he loves.

    Also they call it “Leaving Jehovah “ but many do not lose faith in god, just the Watchtower.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, that phrase leaving Jehovah is used to describe somebody who wants nothing more to do with the abusive, lying and controlling religion. They are running from high-control, unnatural intrusiveness and even stalking.

    The picture is showing somebody (looks like a younger person) moving out and the family is sad. The reality in far too many cases is the family gave him an ultimatum that “it’s our way or the highway”.

  • Darkknight757

    My cousin has a friend who came out to his parents, got df’ed and then the parents kicked him out of the house.

    That kind of trauma and abuse did a real number on this young man.

    We met him at a Christmas gathering at my dads house and even years later you could see the pain of being rejected by his family.

    Watchtower only looks at one side of the issue. They never consider what the evil shunning practice does to the individual receiving it.

  • hoser

    This is a picture of a man leaving his family. Happy JW marriages are a facade.

    I’ve seen too many good men walk away because the wife, parents and in laws put way too much pressure on to “progress” in the organization. It is not about the young family, it is about their status in the organization.

    One of my good friends left his wife. It was that or suicide, unfortunately. He was a good provider for the family, regular attender at the meetings and regular in the field ministry but it was never good enough for her or her parents. The pressure and nagging from his wife drove him over the edge. All of her family were elders, pioneers and she was unhappy that she wasn’t an elders wife. The irony was that her parents were supported partly by their wealthy non jw parents and the inheritance that they received. They couldn’t understand why my friend couldn’t both provide a materially comfortable life and the social status of being an elder. His parents weren’t well off.

    The last time I talked with him he said he was finally happy. I really should look him up when I’m in his area. He is the bad guy where I live but when you’re looking down the barrel of a gun you have some tough life choices to make.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn't " study" this week. Maybe a good day to drive to the country.

    Wife always starts a rant about how we should obey, then gets over it. Our spiritual discussion with df family is me telling them the latest bazaar new light (not in agreement with it).

    My son lit into the hypocrit elder who led his kangaroo court. That man left physical and mental marks on his kids all of whom left.

  • truth_b_known

    All human thought is based on one of two things -



    Why did the Watchtower invent the disfellowshipping arrangement? Because they are afraid others in the congregation will follow the alleged wrongdoer. They are afraid the alleged good name of their organization will be damaged. They are afraid Jehovah will allegedly remove his blessings on the congregation.

    So how is this a loving arrangement?

    Side note: When Jesus came across a demon possessed man he did not shun the demons. Jesus asked the demons "What is your name?" The demons replied, "We are Legion for we are many." Prior to casting the demons out the was a verbal exchange, a conversation, between Legion and Jesus. Legion pleaded with Jesus that they be allowed to entire a herd of pigs nearby. Jesus agreed.

    So, knowing Legion "turned their back on Jehovah" Jesus still asked their name and conversed with them. Jesus even agreed to Legion's request.

  • Abraham1

    They shun those turning inimical towards them because they have not given serious thought to what identifies "pagans," as described by Jesus in Mathew 5:53-48. Jesus said it is pagans who stop greeting others. Shunning and disfellowshipping is pagan practice.

    "The history of the practice of excommunication may be traced through (1) pagan analogues, (2) Hebrew custom, (3) primitive Christian practice, (4) medieval and monastic usage, (5) modern survivals in existing Christian churches." (

    Disfellowshipping involves rejection of what Jesus taught in Mathew 5:43-48, and Jesus was "taught by God." (John 8:28) Thus it involves denial of God too.
  • Longlivetherenegades

    When the wife of an elder sent a text saying RETURN TO JEHOVAH my short and simple reply is I am not aware of any scripture that states leaving a religious organisation equates to leaving God.

    I am yet to get a reply since then.

    Since they preach freewill, it is the freewill of many out there never to become a Jehovah’s witness and these people the JWs relates with freely on numerous basis. One begin to wonder what is the difference between a JW that equally exercise the freewill to opt out of the organization.

    Those that says they are TERRORIST have a point anyway. The organization is the architect of its own TROUBLES and tag as TERRORIST.


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