Watchtower Study on 5th December.

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  • waton

    let wt and it's minions not forget that the tribe of Joseph has a double portion in the inheritance.

    He was the I0 against one whistleblower, clear talker of the bunch, expelled, nearly killed by his loving brothers.

    They ended up eating out of his hand.

    Rev. 7 set in "the Lord's day", still gives Joseph and his son the most realm.

    how is that for a bible story?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    How about the WT leaving jehovah if they ever were connected.

    Just started, I'm waiting for the " great lengths and time spent by the elders" comments

  • waton

    This was all about apostates, dissenters, not the repeat adulterers, childmolesters that you do not want as friends, org or not.

  • Gorb

    So happy we fade, so we don't have to go theough this indoctrination and brainwash anymore.


    1. 4.When a repentant wrongdoer returns, the heavens rejoice and the congregation welcomes him back.​—Luke 15:7.

      The article never mentions all the hoops and hurdles the repentant wrongdoer has to jump after being reinstated!

      Here is what the ''SHEPHERD THE FLOCK OF GOD” book mentions about the reinstatement:

  • Overrated

    When I was living at home with my parents. My parents told me to do Watchtower stuff as longer as I live under their roof. Basically, fake it to make it till I'm out on my own. Now 30 years later, they want me to "Return to Gee-hober " because the world is so bad and we are so close to the end. More like the Org is loosing numbers and Donations.

  • truth_b_known

    Notice in the Shepherding the Flock book in paragraph 11 the Watchtower directs the elders handling the person's reinstatement to return privileges at a rate of time that would not be offensive to the congregation. Talk about flying an airplane as you build it! The congregation's opinion was never asked if they thought the person was repentant or not. The congregation's opinion was never asked when it came to how long to disfellowship a person.

    How do these 3 elders determine what would be offensive to the congregation? Is it the whole congregation or a simple majority? Is a vote taken?

    "Hey, would anyone be offended if we let Brother Smith have his privilege to answer at the meetings back?"

  • waton
    Iit the whole congregation or a simple majority? Is a vote taken?

    t is very offensive for vulnerable families with trophy wives and pretty, handsome children to be again ogled, accosted and stalked by convicted criminals*** at the kh.

    Even on zoom, them being beamed into the sanctity of the home, our castle, spouting their contaminated comments.

    ***a disfellowshipped person has been convicted. of, and "served time", for breaching a divine law. Surely a deed graver than violating secular regulations.

    like David of old, a repeat offender of murder and adultery, in his songs styling himself as "a man according to Jehovah's heart."

  • hoser

    This article was just another part of the mind fu*k that keep jws in the cult. Yes, we care when our policies break up your family. It is sad to watch brothers and sisters comment about their loved ones who they fear will die at Jehovahs hand. This messes people up more and gets them in front of a jc. It’s like a circle.

  • FedUpJW

    How do these 3 elders determine what would be offensive to the congregation?

    The three elders opinions are the first determination off what is offensive to the congregation. After that if the poor soul who is reinstated and gets some "privilege" returned causes some gossiping busy body to get their undies in a wad that "privilege" will be yanked PDQ. At least that was my experience thirty years ago. Just another of many reasons for getting FedUp.

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