Our congregation will be deleted

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  • pepperheart

    Since 2016 they have been selling off 3,000 kingdom halls off around the world , thats like one per day for 8 years

  • blondie

    The reason asset selling is not a cure for cash leaking out, is that you must have more cash coming in. It must be a healthy organization that is earning money on the assets/monies they have. It is like selling your house, it you don't invest the money you make, it will not take long for your expenses to eat up that money. There must be a healthy cash flow, donations, interest, etc.

    Eventually the capital runs out.

    I worked in government for a long time handling large properties and their annual management. In that case, government agencies were not set up to make a profit, so partly because expenses went up every year, the government had to increase their operating funds just to stay even.

    So selling assets is a good sign that the organization is not fiscally healthy.

  • LV101

    One video indicated 2015 through a period of 5 yrs. Hope the sell off continues and 5 yrs. was just a guesstimate.

  • Rattigan350

    On Sept 1, our congregation will be dissolved and we will be with the other one at the Hall. However, we won't be the only Cong at that Hall. I found out today that a neighboring congregation in a Kingdom Hall will be going to hour Hall and their will be sold. That means that those in the other territory will have to drive farther for the meetings and another Hall is up for sale.

    The fire sale goes on.

  • hoser

    I have been in 3 congregations that were dissolved and merged with others

    The sum of the parts always ends up to be less.

    People who travel distance to meetings find that it is easier to fade.

  • Finkelstein

    Seems there is down turn in attending members happening around the world.

    Funny is it not that the one GB member Steven Lett stated a couple of years ago that there will be a need to build new Kingdom Halls because of the growth in membership, he was speaking in the US at the time.

    Calculating bullshit just keeps pouring out of these men's mouths.

  • hoser

    Lett is partially correct. There will be a need for new Kingdom Halls paid for by donations once the current halls are sold and the money is used up paying for pedophile lawsuits.

  • Ding

    This sounds to me like a great opportunity for people to fade.

    Everyone will assume they went somewhere else.

  • newsheep

    It wouldn't surprise me if the org doesn't wait a few years for the dust to settle and then turn around and say more halls are needed due to growth and so it begins all over again. Building halls and fleecing the sheep. The sheep will believe it as they will not put two and two together.They will have forgotten that they didn't need to sell their old hall in the first place just to have to build again. It's a scam!!!

  • zeb

    TL 123 Canada. Nothing to do with that class action that is under way is it? (oops I have already said that).

    There is one kh in my town. I hope to heaven it gets sold and that perhaps in terrible hope might wake up my wife and I can have her back..

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