Our congregation will be deleted

by Rattigan350 42 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pepperheart

    Since 2016 they have been selling off 3,000 kingdom halls off around the world , thats like one per day for 8 years

  • blondie

    The reason asset selling is not a cure for cash leaking out, is that you must have more cash coming in. It must be a healthy organization that is earning money on the assets/monies they have. It is like selling your house, it you don't invest the money you make, it will not take long for your expenses to eat up that money. There must be a healthy cash flow, donations, interest, etc.

    Eventually the capital runs out.

    I worked in government for a long time handling large properties and their annual management. In that case, government agencies were not set up to make a profit, so partly because expenses went up every year, the government had to increase their operating funds just to stay even.

    So selling assets is a good sign that the organization is not fiscally healthy.

  • LV101

    One video indicated 2015 through a period of 5 yrs. Hope the sell off continues and 5 yrs. was just a guesstimate.

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