Our congregation will be deleted

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  • Rattigan350

    Last night was the CO's visit. Prior to his part, an elder had a part on following theocratic direction. It was about our congregation being deleted (there are 2 sharing this hall) and the people and territory being divided up to the 4 other surrounding ones.

    They say it is not about numbers but about making best use of resources. They put this spin on how it is beneficial with more people, more elders, etc. The only thing that would benefit would be less utility bills on the Hall. The good thing is that it will be easier to be invisible and fall through the cracks and not be missed.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Which country and general area is this in?

  • Simon

    Is that the WTS equivalent of "the snap"?

    Everyone will just float away ...

  • tiki

    Well this truly is good news of the kingdom!

    In corporate speak it is called down-sizing.....

  • truthlover123

    Don't form any emotional attachments- don't listen to Joe cause he is unstable when he speaks about new system, don't get too close to Mary, she needs helps at her home, So let's break up the congregation and get $500,000.00 for our legal fees that we need.

    They are breaking congregations up for safety sake at this point -- scrambling peoples heads when they have to start over -- people don't like this, especially women....ever feel out of place?? Its happening now all over the place with these congregation moves.

    This event is taking place all over Canada - from the west coast of B.C to the Maritime Provinces as far as Newfoundland;; 4,000 miles wide as the U.S.. to give you an understanding as to how wide this country is. Hundreds of halls - going, going, gone. and they are being so loving and kind for doing it....(sarcastic)

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are BOTH congregations that use your Hall being dispersed to other Congs and thus your Hall may be sold?

  • LV101
    They must be utilizing halls to full capacity in many areas -- liquidating for next generation business model or for funds needed which seems hard to imagine.
  • ToesUp

    Final sale! Everything MUST go!!!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Asset stripping!


  • waton

    The only good I see coming of this is, that

    The head bully, leader of the wolf pack aka Cobe, could be neutralized by appointing a gentler gentleman from another of the merged units for the newly emerging entity.

    I say temporarily, because the same s---m always rises to the top everywhere, everywhen. to humanity's sorrow.

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