JW anti-gay children movie viral in Netherlands national media + official reaction of JW spokesman Branch office

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  • Simon

    Well it was from 2007, I'm sure times haven't changed since then at all.

    Was that the best Google could provide you with so you could disagree with what Cofty said?

    If you're seriously truing to argue that Islam is progressive and gay-friendly then I think you lost the plot.

    I'd much rather be killed figuratively than literally. I've already done the former, hope the latter doesn't happen. To pretend they are remotely equivalent is the pinnacle of stupid. Sorry, there are no prizes.

    Shunning is hurtful, yes, but c'mon - it pales into insignificance compared to the real crimes happening on the planet.

  • krejames

    Totally agree that calling the video hate speech and calling for bans is way over the top and counterproductive . The message is psychologically unhealthy for gay JW children and it's outdated. But it doesn't directly affect anyone's vital interests.

    There's a balance to be made against freedom of speech and belief against the wider public interest.

    That said I think the negative publicity is a good thing. It won't do much to challenge the older generations of JW but it will probably make the more open minded younger generation think...

    I'm gay btw.

  • steve2

    At the risk of being misunderstood yet once agsin by those who have quoted the JW mother saying things she never said, I repeat this:

    When Sophie asked her mom what should she say to the girl with 2 moms, the JW mother said, tell her about being in paradise and playing with the animals.

    Yes, I know the JW mom had just given an illustration of a man denied being allowed to board a plane with unlawful baggage and that the mother also said "People have their views" in response to Sophie telling her about the school friend with two moms - AND I acknowledge that Sophie would very likely pick up on the negative implications of her mother's answer.

    But that is different from quoting the JW mother as telling Sophie to say those things when the mother clearly did not.

    My pointing out that distinction  has earned me the ire of some posters - as if I dont get it.

    I do get it.. The video is propaganda aimed at invalidating gay and lesbian marriage - and in that regard it is "simply" a consistent outcome of the JWs' following a strict reading of the Bible. I disagree with their embracing that reading but they have a right to teach that to their children.

    As Simon and Cofty have said, the more the JWs teach this unfortunate belief, the more they show how woefully out of step they are with wider societal views on human sexuality. The JW message on sexuality is hugely unpalatable to most people regardless of sexual, orientation.

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