JW anti-gay children movie viral in Netherlands national media + official reaction of JW spokesman Branch office

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  • Gorbatchov

    Various Dutch (Netherlands) media mentioned the anti-gay children movie on jw.org,

    and gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual organizations are shocked, and some gay people

    are reporting the movie to the local police.

    The official spokesman of the Dutch Branch office in Emmen declared that the movie is

    primary for internal use only, for JW children and not intended to upset the society.

    Publishing the movie is a part of freedom of speech, says the spokesman.

    He stated that the society will remove the movie from internet if there is a serieus upset to society,

    and has to be considered.

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  • talesin

    This is what a secular media does - publishes the truth about religion and child abuse. The twitter comments in one of the articles show that this is just not acceptable. Once again, the Dutch lead the world in doing what's right.

    I liked this quote from the last article - a *real* professional's opinion re the powerful effect this vid can have on children.

    [bold is mine]

    What does such a film with a child?

    Herald Hofmeijer's teacher and think the film has an impact on children."That's because of the many colors and cartoons: there are children, and that gives an easy entrance in children." Especially children under six, according to him influenced such films. "A packed message to see children not fast they know the difference between fact and fiction is not."


    The official spokesman of the Dutch Branch office in Emmen declared that

    the movie is primary for internal use only, for JW children and not intended to upset the society.

    The reason people are Pissed Off is..

    It`s a Homophobic Video Aimed at JW Children..


    The WBT$ says the video isn`t intended to Upset anyone..


    The Homophobic Video is intended for JW Children..


    .......I Have Just 1 Question for WatchTower..

  • freemindfade


    but according to some of our experts here this debacle is nothing notable right?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Where is the freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

    It's for JW children only. I cannot think of any other tactful way to convey our religious belief that homosexuality, although it's viewed as good/normal/acceptable in many of today's societies, the God of the Bible does not approve. End of story.




    but according to some of our experts here this debacle is nothing notable right?.....FMF


    Then They Wonder Why People Point Out..

    They Still Have a WBT$/JW Mindset..

    ......Image result for don`t know

  • talesin

    DY - I think the fact that it's their 'featured video' this month, on their website which is designed for public consumption (that is true, right?), plays into it. It's also been uploaded to youtube.  And the WTBTS knows darn well that it would be.  The Netherlands has a much more secular society than the USA (as do most western lands), and gays are actually equal.

    One of the concerns voiced, is this: What does this video do to a 5 YO whose orientation may be gay? They will be taught a core belief - that gays will be destroyed at Armaggeddon. Now, fast forward a few years to puberty - can you imagine what is going on in that poor kid's head? Knowing they are only attracted to the same sex, yet having to suppress that, and pretend.

    But WAIT! Jehovah *knows* what is in your heart and mind! So, even if you are chaste, or marry and walk the *straight* and narrow, Jah will KNOW you have homosexual thoughts. Teens have a hard time anyhow - imagine also bearing the burden, that how you are made, will never be acceptable to Jehovah.

    It's a real concern, even if you accept the doctrine, or believe that homosexual acts are wrong. It is fact that sexual orientation is not a choice. Puberty is hard enough, let alone being a JW (guilt about everything). The guilt was bad for me, but for my gay pioneer buddy (no, we did not know he was gay before we found the suicide note), it was too much.

    That's not an attack - just explaining why the community finds indoctrination of such young children, to be a bad thing.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    So I haven't watched the video....until now. Holy moley. They got some balls. The video straight up says God will kill gay people and that they can be 'made straight' ahaha. i downloaded that fucker in the event they pull it.

    and i'm just laughing at their excuse. That's on the fucking front page of their website. that's for public use. It's not behind a pay wall, a login, or anything.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    JW Children or children of JW's? The distinction between those 2 descriptions is why people are upset. Children need to be taught to think not told what to think, especially when those thoughts go beyond what society deems suitable.

    Children are children and are not left/right/Christian/jew/muslim/whatever...

  • purrpurr
    I'm so glad this has got out to the media. Anyone here with media links needs to let them know about this video. The more people that know about their true beliefs the better!

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