2017 Annual Meeting

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    "Jesus said to go and make disciples. Jesus did not say go place a lot of literature! "

    Exactly! So have JW's been wasting time placing/printing literature? What about field service time? The Bible and Jesus have never stated that time had to submitted on a monthly basis. It's amazing how important everything was at the time it was being done, then WT minimizes the things that were once important. Like the all important Book Study. WT is full of sh*t!

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  • Sliced
    I used to sit in these meetings and think: "that in the last days ridiculers will come with their ridicule..." blah blah blah I am laughing my ass off now.
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    Pretty much what has been posted so far.

    Chairman jackson said NuLite is that we are now permitted to pray for God's name to be vindicated...because his name is his reputation, and THAT was slandered along with his sovereignty.

    loesch made a statement that caught my ear, and so far no one else heard it. He stated that the main purpose of "our" ministry is not to save lives, it is to praise Jehovah. And then read a scripture about praising the name of Jehovah. (Don't remember which one) Said the proceeds from Brooklyn property sales more than covered the costs of Warwick. I notice that he should have been counseled and given a "W" on his report sheet about "Audience contact, use of notes" as he was pretty well never looking up from them.

    Of course during the break jackson had to remind everyone of the "privilege" to contribute and that there were contribution boxes in the lobby.

    splain splained Ezekiel (as mentioned already).

    sanderson flapped his jowls, but I snoozed through that.

    Ditto for hurd.

    Rubber face should have had his eyebrows stapled to his cheek. The best part of his time was when he misspoke and mentioned those raised up as angels to a life of immorality, then had to correct himself. A screen shot of the several seconds face he made would be hilarious to see.

    Then of course was the "star" of the show (I guess we can tell now who is running things on the gb) ATM III. Yep cutting the number of mags in half again. Forget about anyone who likes the literature or a Bible discussion if they are not joining the JW's. The rest has been pretty well covered.

    I don't recall, but I think it was splain that mentioned how when he started going in service he just did, no "approval" from the elders, because there were no elders back then, and no questions to be answered to get baptized...I wondered who asked the questions before the apostles got baptized? What about that Ethiopian eunuch story. How many elders asked him questions? I guess Jesus way of doing things wasn't good enough...

    The best part of this whole dog and pony show was the part between the last "amen" and finishing a great meal with a couple cocktails afterwards.

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    Ol' Tight Pants Tony was right, there are a lot of "tools" in the organization.

    One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-steem.
    That tool dosen't even know she's just using him.
  • StarryNight9
    He stated that the main purpose of "our" ministry is not to save lives, it is to praise Jehovah.

    I noticed that too. I got momentarily excited that the next announcement would be the winding-down of door-to-door preaching. No such luck, but I do see that being the eventuality.

    Rubber face should have had his eyebrows stapled to his cheek.

    I counted at least 73 eyebrow raises. The guy should try injecting botox into his forehead.

    I'm pretty sure that I heard "Hallelujah". Can anyone confirm? My JW family were pretty scandalized about "The Kingdom-100 Years and Counting" video because it featured the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" song. Saying "Hallelujah" was always banned at our house.

  • darkspilver

    Below is apparently the letter being sent out to all congregations regarding the Annual Meeting (unverified - source link at bottom)

    October 7, 2017


    Re: Annual Meeting Announcements

    Dear Brothers

    In order to put more emphasis on starting Bible studies and to reduce the amount of material that our brothers must read, the Governing Body recently made a number of exciting decisions. These were announced at the annual meeting of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania held on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

    Beginning January 2018, the public edition of The Watchtower will be published three times a year instead of six times a year. The same will be true for the Awake! For example, the first issue of The Watchtower for 2018 will be distributed during January and February. The first issue of Awake! will be distributed during March and April. Each issue will focus on just one main subject that will have broad appeal.

    The number of books, brochures, tracts, contact cards, and videos that will be featured in the field ministry is being reduced. Essential literature items and videos that have proved to be effective in the ministry will remain in our Teaching Toolbox.

    Beginning January 2018, specific monthly literature offers will be discontinued. More emphasis will be placed on starting and continuing conversations. Publishers will be encouraged to use good judgment in deciding which item from the Teaching Toolbox to offer and when. Periodic campaigns to distribute Memorial and convention invitations will continue as in the past.

    If the book What Can the Bible Teach Us?, which is the simplified edition of the Bible Teach book, is available in a particular language, then production of the Bible Teach book will be discontinued. Publishers may decide whether to transition Bible students to the Teach Us book now or to complete the Bible Teach book with the student. Until supplies of the Bible Teach book are depleted, publishers should continue to offer it to interested persons who show appreciation for the Bible's message.

    A simplified edition of the book "Keep Yourselves in God's Love" is being prepared. The new book will be entitled "How to Remain in God's Love". Once this new book is available in a particular language, production of the "God's Love" book will be discontinued. Publishers may decide whether to transition Bible students to the new book or to complete the "God's Love" book with the student.

    Encouraging reports about the activity of Jehovah's Witnesses in other lands are now provided regularly by means of JW Broadcasting and jworg. Therefore, the Yearbook will no longer be published. When the worldwide field service report for the 2017 service year becomes available, this information will be published in the "About Us" section of jworg.

    The website will continue to publish the features "Activities," "Bible Questions Answered," "Frequently Asked Questions," and "Young People Ask." In addition, the website will regularly publish the features "Help for the Family," "Imitate Their Faith," "The Bible Changes Lives," and "Was It Designed?"

    No new content will be added to the following features on jworg: "Bible Character Cards," "Family Worship Projects," "Illustrated Bible Stories," "My Bible Lessons," "Picture Activities," "Study Activities for Children," study guides for What Does the Bible Really Teach?, Young People Ask worksheets, and the video series What Your Peers Say. However, the existing content will remain for now on jworg.

    It is hoped that these organizational refinements will help us to focus on our goal of teaching "all those who [are] rightly disposed for everlasting life."—Acts 13:48.

    We send our warm Christian love.

    Your brothers

    PS to bodies of elders:

    Please arrange for this letter to be read to the congregation at the conclusion of the next congregation meeting. If the circuit overseer is visiting your congregation, he should read this letter at the conclusion of the meeting. At circuit assemblies and conventions, the letter should be read by the last speaker on the program at the conclusion of his talk. Thereafter, the letter should be posted on the information board. This postscript should neither be read to the congregation nor be posted on the information board.

    Congregations will soon receive their supply of issue No. 1 of the 2018 public edition of The Watchtower. As noted above, each magazine for the public will be distributed for a two-month period. Therefore, we have automatically increased your standing requests for these magazines. The service overseer and magazine coordinator (or magazine servant) should carefully monitor the distribution of magazines and adjust the congregation's standing request to match actual needs. - See the October 20, 2015, letter to all congregations.

    When the congregation's supply of Bible Teach books runs out, additional supplies should be requested from the branch office until you are notified that the supply is depleted. To make good use of remaining supplies of that book, the service overseer may choose to feature it in the congrega-tion's public witnessing activity. He may also direct well-qualified publishers to distribute copies of the book to institutions such as libraries, schools, universities, retirement communities, and nursing homes. - See the October 14, 2016, letter to all bodies of elders.

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    • Spiritual Paradise is a state of mind.

    Yeah. It's called a delusional state of mind !

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    Thanks WiFi!

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