2017 Annual Meeting

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  • StarryNight9

    *also - no year books

  • floridaborn

    And now we are allowed to pray for the vindication of gods name.

  • careful


    Big drop in preaching activity. No more need to preach the "good news" when the message changes to one of "judgment" at the beginning of the GT.

    No need to document growth. So no more yearbook.

    The GT has started....we were told it would last summer when they gave us the basement video and warned that the message would change from good news to one of judgement. Tricky way to hide the decrease in numbers and justify all the legal problems they are encountering worldwide.

    So how does that jibe with Matt. 24:44?

  • darkspilver


    Approximately 3.5 hours in length.

    Jersey City Assembly Hall with 4,509 Locations tied in across the United States. Annual Meeting Combined attendance 671,126

    • Year text: Isaiah 40:31 - But those hoping in Jehovah will regain power

    • Starting Jan 2018 only 3 public editions of The Watchtower and 3 public editions of Awake! The whole magazine will cover ONE subject. "Is the bible still relevant today?" will be the first new magazine.

    • 2018: They will no longer produce the Yearbook The GB has decided that all the info will be on jworg and broadcast. YB 2017 is the last one.

    • New Book: How to remain in God's love - It'll replace the current gods love book Keep Yourself In God's Love

    • A "Toolbox" section will be in the JW library app.

    • Spiritual Paradise is a state of mind.

    • Ezekiel's temple vision was fulfilled in 1919


      Ezekiel's temple vision

      • Temple has no high priest or day of atonement

      • Temple is a worship arrangement

      • Paul shows us worship arrangement

      • Ezekiel shows us Jehovah's standard for worship

      • Ezekiel's temple vision is fulfilled in final days

      • Temple was fulfilled 29 c.e. Ezekiel's temple was fulfilled 1919


        Making Our Blows Count (talk by TPT on the change to ministry)

        We are involved in the greatest preaching work in all history. We produce quality publications. The GB wants us to be clear that what Paul said reflects on everyone of us. "Not running around aimlessly." We are living with limited time left in this system. To truly make our blows count. Turn to acts 13:48, "all those rightly disposed for everlasting life became believers." To try to help someone who is not rightly disposed is a waste of time. Jehovah draws people to "the truth." Not our personalities.

        The GB has identified two problems that adversely effect our effectiveness in the ministry. For many years we were focusing on placing magazines. For many years, people read our mags but have done nothing to make progress. We need to refocus. Jesus said to go and make disciples. Jesus did not say go place a lot of literature! We're reminded of Ezekiel 33:31, 32. "They will hear your words, but no one will act on them."

        This is a time for decision, for people to act on what they learn. Let the angels and god's spirit take you to rightly disposed ones. Our work is two-fold, a warning work and a praise to God by being out there.

        Problem 2 is this: too many tools. All of these publications are too overwhelming. It has become a tool shed! In view of this, the GB is making an adjustment. Jehovah's spirit is moving it.

        Starting Jan 2018, there will only be 3 PUBLIC editions of the WT and 3 editions of the Awake for the year. And only one subject per magazine.

        They will re-evaluate how this goes for two years, and then make any needed adjustments.

        Changes to the STUDY EDITION to the WT, to simplify the style of the standard edition. Allows for a larger font style. The GB decided, as of January 1, 2019, they are combining their editions (so no more printed simplified and standard editions). Also, a new book, that has been dumbed down, I mean simplified.


      • OrphanCrow
        careful: So how does that jibe with Matt. 24:44?

        I dunno. They will come up with something.

        The bible is made of plasticine

      • obarac

        Someone maybe have audio recording of AM?

      • StarryNight9

        Someone maybe have audio recording of AM?

        Sorry. I was tempted to, but it's too risky for my situation. Someone should upload the video of Lett instead. I counted at least 73 eyebrow raises.

      • darkspilver

        2018: They will no longer produce the Yearbook The GB has decided that all the info will be on jworg and broadcast. YB 2017 is the last one.

        It doesn't necessarily mean the WT will not publish the full country-by-country listings/numbers/statistics.

        What was interesting about last year was that I believe it was the first time that the WT had actually placed the entire annual statistic page onto the web (excluding the PDF of the publication).

        In fact it made it so much easier the 'read' the table this time because you could simply copy and paste it into a third-party spreadsheet program such as Excel and play about with the columns etc.

        Of course, losing the Yearbook will be a huge ground-breaking hole in the JW Library - and the stats, if presented online in the same way as last year, will not be so readily readable by most JWs even those with internet access, but still, it doesn't necessarily mean they won't actually be published at all....


        (click on 'click to enlarge' to expand the table)

      • Splash
        Making Our Blows Count "For many years, people read our mags but have done nothing to make progress. We need to refocus."

        If this means the end of cosy chats with long time return visits I can see the field service losing one of its only plus points.

        Can you imagine pioneers with 20 such calls telling them they're not coming anymore because they're a waste of time?

        They will lose places to go when it's cold or raining, toilet stops, placements, return visits or studies on their report card, and easy time.

        Well done WT!

      • pepperheart

        But if they give magazines away that costs the watchtower money so its far better that they stand out in the pouring rain next to a cart because they will not be giving any magazines out then

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