2017 JWN Christmas Card Exchange

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  • blondie

    In years gone by I have organized and coordinated this. PM me if you want to be added to the list giving me your snail mail address and/or your e-mail for those with tech skills and a safe e-mail.

    Do this by December 14, and I will PM the list to each person on it. Latecomers will be added but you may not get it by Christmas.

    Love, Blondie

  • blondie

    so nobody?

  • longgone

    I'm not familiar with this, would you mind explaining it? Thanks!

  • Diogenesister

    Hi Blondie, May I ask you how it works ( sorry ignoramus here)

  • Simon

    Everyone who sign's up get's randomly assigned to send someone an xmas card. I can't remember if you send to the person sending to you (i.e. in pairs) or if it's completely random.

    We've done it in the past, it's a nice touch, esp. for anyone feeling blue around the xmas period due to "WTS-induced family issues".

  • notalone

    I really like the idea, but due to cult induced paranoia I feel compelled to ask- How do we know that our information won't fall into undeserving hands?

  • blondie

    Actually, Simon, that is the gift exchange.

    For cards, on the 14th I will PM everyone a copy of the list so far (perhaps with some additions after that).

    I send you the list of all those participating and you send each of them a card of your choosing or electronically if they choose to supply an e-mail address and you know how to send electronic cards.

    Last time only 14 people participated, so it is the cost of the card, postage, and your time.

    It is nice to get cards from different people with a little note of your value here on the board. This year, no card for Grace, which is sad for me. But time marches on for all of us. I hang mine on a cord attached under my fireplace but I have seen them attached across a window, or stood up on a table.


  • blondie

    As to undeserving hands, if you tell me the name of someone you don't trust on JWN, I can edit the list I send them. I have done that a couple of times over the years. I have never had anyone have a problem with outing at all (a concern I have too). If you have a post office box, you could use that for mailing purposes.

    I'm not worried any more after 16 years out myself.


  • arwen

    Would love to participate I'll pm you my info. Thank you for taking the time to do this Blondie. It is very sweet of you!!!

  • smiddy

    I have participated before and will do so again , { not religiously of course } , ( electronically ) to your e-mail , there was/is a site that does this for free.

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