Amber Scorah on cults

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Someone mentioned that she is going to be ''a thorn in the side'' of the JW's for a long time. Yes I have recently completed reading her book ''Leaving the Witness'' also.

    Cedars mentioned in his book that Franz' ''Crisis of Conscience'' would be a ''thorn'' in the side for the JW's also. A parallel. LOL

  • OnTheWayOut

    Its a great book, thats a great TED talk.

    The biggest part of Amber's book being a thorn is it being a mainstream published book and her getting interviews such as one on the Daily Show.

    Many great ex-JW books are barely known except to those that are already ex-JW's.

  • krismalone

    Amber is sweet, smart, well spoken and so intelligent. I'll be ordering her book today.

    Amber proves that "apostates" are not evil, bitter, lying, hateful and mentally diseased people that the Governing Body wants their followers to beleive.

    I had read her experience about her waking up from the JW cult while serving in China somewhere online years ago. Very impressive experience. Can't wait to read her book!

    I'm very glad she's gotten alot of media attention as this brings awareness of the evils of the JW cult.

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