Debating With Evolution Deniers is Just Like This

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  • cyberjesus
    CJ - I have utter contempt for holocaust deniers. Either they are genuinely deluded, in which case they will dismiss all evidence because they think they are smarter than all the "sheeple" and are blind to their stunning level of ignorance.
    Or they are actual racist, anti-semitic hate-mongers, in which case they are beyond help.

    I understand you. either you are with us or against us.. is either you believe everything or you dont. Iam familiar with that thought process... ok

    In either case I prefer that you just fuck off.

    Yes I understand that logic too. it makes sense. cant talk about a topic that is a very useful argument.

    by the way I believe in evolution

  • Fisherman

    You need a lot of faith to believe in the theory of evolution.

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    faith... or exposure to facts

  • Fisherman

    faith... or exposure to facts

    Facts vs derivative, which is what faith in evolution is all about.

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    What exactly do you mean by derivative?

  • Rattigan350

    Comfy said "Rattigan if you are aware of even one single shred of scientific evidence for creationism please share it."

    I don't know what creationism is. But Creation supports science. Male and female is from creation and evolution can not produce different sexes. Evolution is a product of random mutation. Sex parts that fit together and can not work without the other is not mutation, it is design.

    "By the way how are you defining "God"?""

    God should be better than human designers because he has more power. Humans make computers, cars and other products year after year that are better than the previous. We learn and don't just make and leave it.

  • cofty
    Male and female is from creation and evolution can not produce different sexes.

    Of course it can. Where on earth did you get that strange idea?

    Do you know what the difference is between male and female biologically? Clue - it has nothing to do with plumbing. External genitalia is not an issue for evolution. The difference is far more fundamental.

  • Saename

    You are ALL wrong!! Evolution doesn't exist. Everything and everyone was made by the God Coca-Cola in 1886. Everything that appears to be older than 130 years is just an illusion of which the purpose is to test the faith of the followers of the Only True God Coca-Cola.

    Be amazed at its sugary liquid:

    Image result for coca cola vs pepsi

  • Viviane

    I don't think people understand the logic of saying "can't happen".

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