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  • slimboyfat

    Does anyone remember around the tear 2000, maybe just before or after, there was a leaflet released at the summer convention aimed at teenagers called something like, "planning for a worthwhile future"? Basically it argued that you shouldn't go to college or university and put your trust in "the world". Instead you should trust in Jehovah, pioneer and reach out for bethel or missionary service. Well how's that working out for missionaries, special pioneers and bethelites now being laid off? Are they glad they put their trust in Jehovah['s organisation]? If I was someone who followed that advice back then, and was being laid off, I'd be minded to find my copy of the leaflet and show it to their face.

    Has anyone got a scan of that leaflet by any chance?

  • Divergent
    I do have one, but I need to search for it. The front part was blue + grayish, with a few young brothers & sisters pictured on it
  • slimboyfat
    Yeah that was it, just a couple of pages. Would be good to refer to I reckon. Maybe jwfacts is already on it. I should have checked. But I can't remember the actual name?
  • sir82

    Yeah, it is called "Youths - What Will You Do With Your Life?"

    It's on their website:

  • sparky1
  • darkspilver

    Youths - What Will You Do With Your Life?

    As released at the 2002 “Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers” District Conventions:

    That's all folks!

    DarK SpilveR

  • slimboyfat
    Wow thanks sir, sparky and darks. They have the cheek still to publish it. Mind you we'd complain either way. But whatever way you look at it it's a pretty damning document - for those who put their future in the hands of the organisation.
  • slimboyfat
    True, a job can sometimes bring wealth and recognition. But it cannot satis- fy your “spiritual need.” (Matthew 5:3) Besides, 1 John 2:17 warns that “the world is passing away.” Even if you were to attain success in this world, it would be short-lived.

    Actually it turns out bethel or full time service can be even shorter-lived when surplus to requirements.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes just another version of what was printed and propagated by the WTS. in past decades.

    The WTS lives off people distributing their publications, luring more people to come into the organization where they can be exploited for labor and money, but first they have to be deeply indoctrinated with culpable lies, misinformation and deceit set out and devised by the WTS leaders ( GB)

    Otherwise known as fear mongering charlatanism self labeled by them as preaching the good news and in appeasement to Jehovah.

    The WTS game is really about manipulation by fear inducing provocation, exploiting human ignorance to cultivate support. The Morons used a different game where they use teenagers to lure in followers, as it was long ago realized that young naive less knowledgeable people are easier to be manipulated and lured into their religious organization.

  • steve2

    My mother was at the convention in the UK when the book Children was released in the early 1940s - I could be corrected on the year of release. It spoke of the final months of this system of things, pressuring youths to put the kingdom first. My mother was about 8 years old. She died in 2011 just shy of 80 years - still a loyal Witness.

    As familiar as I am with her telling us about how momentous that experience was for her, I can still feel staggered by the blithering audacity of the organization continuing to peddle urgency and the need to put the kingdom first.

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