Youths planning for the future leaflet

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  • Syme
    Man, I liked so much that darn leaflet! It made me fantasize about MTS, Bethel, everything. I achieved some of those later, so I guess that little piece of S has a portion of blame for my wasting of my best years...
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Notice the badly photo shopped head of the dark haired boy on the top right? If you have the original print version you'll notice that he was replaced . . .

    So here's the deal. When you are used in a photograph or video, they keep tabs on you. If you're DF'ed, DA'd, or otherwise not in good standing, they find out. When they do a re-print of that particular publication or update a particular video, they take out that person and use someone else.


    Also, the shot of the family at the meeting where everyone still has their eyes open and there are no slap marks on the kids ......Simon


    ...............................Every "Good JW" Parent Knows..

    ...................IT`S NOT A MEETING WITHOUT THE BEATING!!..

  • sowhatnow

    so, what would the WT society do if every youth actually followed that pathetic advice, and applied for bethel?lol

    suddenly we would have a generation of unemployed live at homes, [since I recall them making an announcement that applications for bethel were being temporarily discontinued...]

    what a lovely burden on good old mum and dad...

  • tiki
    My aunt got that children mother was too old to sit down front and get hers....aunntie hated our family...she wouldn't speak or have anything to do with us despite our being good dubs. But then shes crazy as a loon.

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