Uh-oh.........elder visit tomorrow.

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  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    yikes, uh oh indeed...my stomach just knotted seeing the words 'elders' and 'visit' in the same sentence. Best of luck with the meeting, I will be looking for an update tomorrow night...

    ((((((((((Mulan and Dave))))))))You know I'm here for you if you need to vent!



  • Brummie

    Interesting Mulan, let us know how it goes. Makes me laugh how they come around wreeking with authority and power and it all disappears when you stand up to them. All the best.


  • Stephanus

    Tell him to get ****ed!

  • ozziepost

    G'day Mulan (and Dave),

    It's not inexpected, eh? Still, it's not very pleasant. I read the responses here and think Steve has a point:

    Why are you both doing this? What good can come out of meeting with them?

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend anyone meeting with them, nor 'playing their games'. But you know I'm a hypocrite for I did, didn't I? I must tell you though, it left a FAR greater bad taste in the mouth than if we'd simply refused all contact. I guess, like you, we saw no 'harm' in letting our "friends" (or so we thought) visit.

    Perhaps Jourles suggestion is best, i.e. say that only one elder is welcome to visit. Even then, it won't forestall the inevitable.

    I'm in an especially sad mood today. I think the ********* WTS and their kidnapping of our kids has made me feel very teary today.

    Best of luck, anyway. Hope it's "all over" soon.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Stephanus

    Mulan, you say you couldn't talk because you were babysitting the grandkids. Does that mean that their parents are still Dubs? If so, and this "meeting" may lead to disfellowshipment, then make sure your child and spouse are by no means uncertain that even the slightest concession to Watchtower rules on shunning or behaviour towards the disfellowshipped on their part will result in the absolute cessation of your free child-minding service! Make sure you spell it out in bold shades of black and white.

  • shamus


    Be careful - if your kids are in the religion, you will have problems seeing them. If not, have fun with them. Good luck! Looking forward to your follow up!

  • Eyebrow2

    Make 'em sweat, Baby!

    I wish you both luck...I hope it is entertaining, but that if you do get DF'd it won't effect your relationship with your family.

  • DJ

    Hmmm, Mulan....I was going to tell you to tell them that you got new light. Then, after I hit reply I thought that I was being mean and not considering the fact that they are only misled...then I couldn't think of anything else to tell you to say, so I just wrote what I thought. LOL I think I need some sleep. n-nite. dj

  • Mulan
    you say you couldn't talk because you were babysitting the grandkids. Does that mean that their parents are still Dubs?

    No............didn't mean it that way. All our kids are out now too. The grandkids are young, and high maintenance, so we can't have an in depth conversation with them around.

    We talked last night and Dave asked me to be quiet for the most part when they visit.............DAMN, and to let him handle it. Probably the best way. He has a plan of action, after thinking about it all day and will be asking them some uncomfortable questions about how they have virtually ignored us for nearly 7 years, and NOW they are calling on us. If they begin to ask their pre-determined questions, he is going to remind him they said it was a friendly call, so "why the interrogation?".

    Should be an interesting afternoon.

  • DIM

    good luck to you Mulan!

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