December Study Watchtower - Preparing to Reveal a New Light?

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  • Tenacious

    I, for one appreciate your research on the Bible Searcher. Keep it up man.

    This point alone is worth your input:

    The fact remains that J.W.'s are equating the benefits of their own death with that of Christ's - and it hasn't dawned on them! I reckon it's worth enlightening them.

  • bobld

    I thought Rom 6:7 was with reference to original sin only.We still sin and are judged

    when resurrection per John 5:29.

  • prologos
    eom: "What about Hebrews 9:27, doesn't seem to show that anybody gets a free pass from at least one death..... "27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

    yeah, if you pay for your sins with your death, the account is settled, what basis is there for a further judgement, possibly unfavourable? will wt fear mongering never end? and if Adam & Eve paid the price too, why not resurrect them, now with a clean slate?

  • Dunedain

    @ Prologos - The JW's will say that Adam & Eve are not entitled to a resurrection, because they were "perfect". They sinned as perfect humans.

    This is why Jesus ransom, "balances" it out because he was "perfect" and free of sin. Blah blah, blah, blah, blah. At least that's what you will here as a "canned" response from a JW.

    Personally, I always had a problem with this "logic". A) Because Jesus was supposedly a spirit creature for billions of years before he came to earth. He was also, essentially second in command, and assisted in actually creating humans. B) Adam and Eve, when compared to the huge timeline, of spirit creatures being alive for billions of years before humans were created, makes them essentially "babies". They might of had adult bodies, but they were like children, when compared to the big picture, and their length of life.

    So, really the "balance" of the perfect Jesus, for the "perfect" Adam and Eve, is NOT a fair comparison of "equality" of perfect humans. It never made sense to me.

  • LV101

    Your research is much appreciated, Searcher. I'm copying and forwarding to a dear friend who always wants to return to the hall w/all the terrorism/negative world conditions going on. Hope this helps - she knows the JW interpretation of the Bible well. She's afraid to visit this site.

    Your article couple wks. ago re/confessing sins to elders is excellent for lurking JWs to read. I forgot to return to thank you with much busi-ness going on.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    prologos - the JW standard response for Romans 6:7 is to say that since the wages sin pays is death, then the individual has paid the price for their transgressions. True, scripturally death is the consequence of sin.

    Now ask the JW, "Where does it say that death provides forgiveness & acquittal for the sins committed? Speaking scripturally again, this is where the ransom provides the forgiveness & reconciliation - not the individual's personal demise.

    fisherman - the figurative context of Romans 6:7 is pretty well established by the surrounding verses - 2,4,6,8 & 11, but the org refuses to acknowledge the connection.

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