December Study Watchtower - Preparing to Reveal a New Light?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The JW/WTBT's anti-scriptural & anti-Christ teaching that "a person's own death wipes out their sins" (based on their lie that Romans 6:7 is to be interpreted literally) appears to have had a little wedge inserted into it.

    Despite making numerous accurate references to the fact that 1st century Christians had figuratively died to sin, the Svengalis at the top of the Brooklyn pyramid point-blank refuse to discuss/cite/quote Romans 6:7 and its true meaning.

    Page 10, par. 9 & 10 - Because, as Paul writes, Christians have "died with reference to sin." (Read Romans 6:1, 2.) While they were still alive on earth, how could it be said of them that they had "died with reference to sin"? (Why don't you read Romans 6:7?)

    10 God applied the ransomto Paul and others of his day....... But Paul could speak of them while they were still alive and serving God on earth as having "died with reference to sin.".....It was similar with anointed Christians, who could consider themselves "dead with reference to sin but living with reference to God by Christ Jesus." (Rom. 6:9, 11) Their way of life was not as it once was. They were no longer obeying the dictates or impulses of their sinful desires. They had died to that previous way of life. (Did you read Romans 6:7 yet?)

    Page 10, par. 11 - What of us? Well, before we became Christians, we often sinned, perhaps not realizing how wrong or bad our actions were in God’s eyes. So we too could be said to have "died with reference to sin." (Hellooooooooo!! Romans 6:7 is just begging to be read!!!)

    Page 10, Par. 12 - Or am I dead with reference to sin? Am I living with reference to God by Christ Jesus?’ (Are your brain cells dead too? Just read Romans 6:7 why don't you?)

    Page 11, par. 13 - Paul was inspired to write to them: "Neither go on presenting your bodies to sin as weapons of unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, also your bodies to God as weapons of righteousness." (Rom. 6:13) (Don't tell me they've deleted Romans 6:7 from the Revised New World Translation. Groan!!!)

  • Chook

    The candle from Brooklyn will eternally flicker light.

  • John_Mann

    I always wonder about things like that. If JW. Organisation was just a money grabber why spin things like that? What difference things like that would do in the money flow? Why spin things about salvation of the soul?

    That's the very reason some supernatural evil is behind this organisation.

  • nicolaou

    I admire your passion for your subject Searcher and I don't want to sidetrack your topic but does any of this really matter?

    I'd bet that fewer than one or two publishers in a congregation would even entertain a conversation on the subject, they just don't care.

    It's a lifestyle driven religion now, doctrine is all but irrelevant.

  • John_Mann

    That's my point. If doesn't matter to the puppets why the puppeteer have a lot of interest in this matter (salvation of the soul)?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Hi Nic - I appreciate your thinking, but weeks after I'd discussed Romans 6:7 with a Ministerial Servant, he came up to me and said that he wished I'd never mentioned it to him! Still later, he actually said that his "progressive Bible study" had terminated the study, because he'd reasoned that all he had to do was eventually die, and not have to do what J.W.'s were doing.

    The fact remains that J.W.'s are equating the benefits of their own death with that of Christ's - and it hasn't dawned on them! I reckon it's worth enlightening them.

  • prologos

    The Searcher, I feel deeply for your passion on this subject, and were you not ready to resign from this board for the indifference you experienced? Paul's arguments on the subject are very abstract. After all, he believed sin entered into the world after the snake talked and the young couple shared a snack. The first naked humans to do that, while the rest of humanity was building temples outside their fenced, gated estate.

    WT has subtle ways to keep their followers captive, one way is to keep them busy meditating on things like " what does the word dying mean". like in revelation where dying can mean leaving your religion, if I remember right. so, I too have 2 of my texts about which I am passionate. and people just do not see it, because these artificially created "the bible is right, you better apply it right" barbs, directed against any religion , remember we did it in the service, is futile because --- the bible is not right--there was no talking snake, we do not die because of sin. imho. but, do not lose your passion, just this particular subject.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Thanls , The Searcher, for your input on this scripture. I've lost of the times I've read the bible cover to cover, but I'm currently re-reading it for the first time without the filter of JW dogma. I will take this thought into consideration when I get to Romans.

  • John_Mann

    Prologos can you refute the concept of sin in a philosophical way?

    You're partially right about the Bible.

    Bible purpose is to be theologically right about salvation of the soul. Secondly it intend to be historically correct too related to it's main goal.

    Christians knew since Saint Augustine that Genesis cannot be read literally.

    Sola Scriptura is wrong and cannot be defended. So atheism based on the refutation of Sola Scriptura is right in some way.

  • Vidiot

    Further down the rabbit hole.

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